3 Great Ways to Dissolve Limiting Beliefs

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What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are the thoughts preventing you from manifesting your greatest desires.

Limiting beliefs are the things causing you to fail at the law of attraction.

Limiting beliefs can prevent you from creating what you want. Sometimes you know the thoughts that are holding you back, but most often they’re invisible. Even if they are invisible, they have the power to affect your life.

For example, if you have the limiting belief that you have to work hard to make money, you might find yourself working long hours just to scrape by.

Or if you have the limiting belief that you’re going to be abandoned, you might avoid relationships or your belief may control your behavior, causing you to sabotage relationships.

Where do Limiting Beliefs Come From?

They’re often created in childhood…maybe from something you overheard your parents say, maybe from a bad experience…

Whatever the event, your subconscious mind created a false belief. It gave meaning to the event, and that meaning is affecting you. Your mind is preventing you from taking actions that would allow you to achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter how reasonable or intelligent the actions are, you have trouble doing it.

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Knowing what the limiting belief is isn’t enough to keep it from affecting you. It’s a good first step in dissolving limiting beliefs, but more is usually needed.

How to Remove Limiting Beliefs

Here are 3 different ways you can dissolve your limiting beliefs:

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2. EFT – EFT, or tapping as it is commonly known, removes limiting beliefs by “tapping” on key energy points on the body. It’s kind of like acupuncture with your fingers.

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EFT requires tapping for a few minutes a day for several days (sometimes a month) to clear a belief. Relief is often felt after the first session, but repeated sessions are usually necessary to permanently clear a belief.

3. Action – Action is about doing the things that you’re not doing. Whatever it is that you’re avoiding, do it.

For example, if you believe that you’ll be rejected if you speak your mind, the action you would take is speaking your mind.

Retraining your mind in this manner can be difficult because it is in direct opposition to the blocks your mind has created. You will need to take action multiple times to break through your blocks, but it does get easier.

When you dissolve limiting beliefs, you can accomplish anything in all areas of your life. So take the time to get rid of yours today.

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