LOA Q&A: Understanding Focusing on the How

If you’ve followed the Law of Attraction for any length of time, you’ve heard that how your desire manifests is up to the Universe. The how is not your problem. Being open to receiving is.

Focusing on the how is one of the major reasons that a lot of people struggle with the Law of Attraction, many failing to ever manifest their big goals.

But what exactly is the how?

Could you actually be mistaking your desires for the how?

“I want to be rich” asks:

“Regarding winning the lottery. Am I right that winning the lottery is more a “how” than a “what”? Having won the lottery changes your reality and so the consequences. I mean, you may actually [be] striving for being rich and feeling wealthy. So winning the lottery is a means to an end, right? Should we better be focused on the end result, being wealthy and all that matters to it instead of just affirming “I win the lottery”, because we subtl[y] wish to be rich and aren’t it right now.”

This is such a great Law of Attraction question because it’s a stumbling block for many people preventing them from manifesting their heart’s desire!

If you want to attract money, you don’t want to focus on winning the lottery.

Winning the lottery is the how.

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When what you truly desire is money and feeling wealthy, focusing on winning the lottery limits the way that you can receive money. In fact, you can shut yourself off from receiving any money at all because you are so focused on money only being able to come to you by winning the lottery.

Every time you think that you want more money and thus you’re going to use the Law of Attraction to win the lottery, you’re telling the Universe how your desire MUST manifest.

But in telling the Universe that you MUST manifest money by winning the lottery, you are actually revealing that you have resistance towards receiving money.

If you were truly open to receiving money, you wouldn’t care how it came to you. You would be totally enjoying the feeling of being wealthy now, trusting that an infinite amount of money is coming to you in the best way(s) possible.

And it would!

You would be manifesting money left and right!

Now, if you actually want to experience winning the lotto – that’s your true goal – not the money, not the overnight wealth – but the actual experience of winning the lottery, then focus on winning the lottery.

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But if you actually want to have more money, you should focus on feeling wealthy now.

Forget about how the money will come to you. When you do so, you will open yourself up to unlimited possibilities for money to come to you.

You might still win the lottery, but you might also receive an inheritance, a raise at work, a tax refund, or a multi-million dollar money making idea (Chia pets or Elf on the Shelf ring a bell?).

Winning the lotto is a great example for this question because it’s such a common mistake people make when using the Law of Attraction.

But please don’t limit it to just the lottery.

People regularly ask me questions where they’re focusing on the how instead of the end result.

For example, people who deep down want to manifest a loving, committed relationship get mired in the day-to-day details, not their end goal of a relationship. They might focus on creating the exact text they want someone to send them after a date or how many times a day someone contacts them.

As wonderful as these things are, they’re a part of the how. When you try to create the exact text someone will send you, you don’t open yourself to the possibility of receiving something even better than you can imagine (e.g., a phone call, flowers, a handwritten love letter). You might receive the text, but you probably won’t receive the relationship.

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I totally get where you’re coming from when you’re focusing on the how.

But when you get bogged down into how something is going to happen, you display signs of both resistance and controlling the outcome. This blocks the Law of Attraction from working for you.

You don’t need to focus on the how or the little day-to-day details.

When you truly have your desire, you will have the fulfillment, happiness, abundance, love, and respect you’re seeking.

Whether it’s winning the lottery, receiving a text, or something else entirely, make sure that what you’re asking for truly is the end result you desire.

When you focus on the end result, you let go of the how.

You get out of your own way and allow your true desires to manifest.

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