Moving Houses? Use Reiki!

Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master

My husband and I are living in our fourth house, in over 40 years of marriage. The last move was both the most difficult one – and the easiest one – due to our constant use of Reiki during the process. It was the most difficult as we decided to move to another state when the housing recession in 2006 was beginning. It took longer than anticipated to sell the first house and even longer to find our new home. We had to rent an apartment for several months. Let me explain how Reiki assisted us during this transition.

First, we used Reiki guidance in making this major decision. Both of us were feeling dissatisfied with our career choices, and we knew it was time to make some changes. We were living in a cold climate with gray winter days. A heart’s desire was growing within me to work with hospice patients and families. My husband’s desire was to work as a massage therapist. Both of us wanted to offer Reiki sessions, and I wanted to offer trainings as well. Within several months, these desires were realized as we found the right jobs in Asheville, NC, where the climate was warmer. Soon, we opened a private practice for massage therapy and Reiki; fulltime for my husband and parttime for me.

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Finding the right house for us required an extensive search. We had some specific criteria this time – one-level living, large windows for much natural light, an unique layout. But, we did not get discouraged; we knew the right house was not yet available while we were searching. When we walked in the door of this house, we immediately knew we had found it.

Moving Houses? Use Reiki!

Likewise, the sale of our previous home took a few months longer than we would have liked. I had a desire that the house, be a home for the “right” family, just as it had been for us. We had lived in that house for 16 years; it was the home where our children grew up, graduated from high school, and visited on college breaks. We had a few low offers, and negotiations did not work out. Then, a newly-divorced mother with two young children made a reasonable offer that we accepted. We knew, within our hearts, we were handing over our home to a family who needed the loving support of this special house.

We continued to use Reiki in the actual moving process. With a greater understanding of energy, as a result of Reiki practice, we sent energy to our movers. We never had experienced such a nice group of moving men! They were kind and helpful, in both packing and delivering our items. Not one thing was broken or lost.

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Reiki also led me to read about Feng Shui, and we used these principles in decorating our home. I sorted through everything before leaving our home, and we sold some items and donated others to a local thrift store. Everything we moved with us held some meaning for us. We needed a few more pieces of furniture, and these were purchased with thoughtful care. One thing we purchased, which we had never had before, was a beautiful water fountain for…

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