My Encounter with Unicorns and How They Guided Me to My Calling

Article by Ashwini Chubé

Post my Reiki Masters attunement my life became a series of miracles and things which were out of the world. In those days I used to do 2 things after work.

1. Pray intensely for myself and my family
2. Meditate and do a lot of self healing with Reiki

Encounter with the Unicorns

Within 3 months of the Masters Training and in a month of my Angelic Healer Master training – I had one major breakthrough in my career. I had an opportunity to travel abroad for a work assignment. I was waiting for this opportunity since I began my corporate career or maybe much before that since I was in MBA school. In my MBA school days, I used to daydream about sitting in an overseas office working at my desk and seeing snow outside. As you think you create. In the extreme winter, I landed in the beautiful City of London where the temperature was -5 degrees – an extreme of 27 degrees in Mumbai.

This opportunity gave me great work exposure beyond what I was working in Mumbai. I got a very good recognition among my overseas team as a hardworking and intelligent team member. I had a strange sense of coming home in a foreign land. I felt I was living my dream life. Each and every thing was having instant manifestation. I was probably living in 5D.

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But there was this one particular day I vividly remember when I truly connected to Unicorns. It was a freezing day and I was in high spirits. My immediate seniors had praised my work and I was given all adjectives from creative to hardworking and genius to dedicated. My boss had, in fact, asked me to explain to my seniors about the complex excel sheet I had made from the scratch – they were impressed too. They had never seen anyone doing this new type of complex excel modeling. Happy was an under statement to what I was feeling. I always knew I was good at my work, but this was a totally new high.

As I walked towards my service apartment in frozen weather I gasped for my house keys. And while searching for them in my purse I spent an extra minute walking. I saw a woman in front of me walking with a bag in her hand with a huge image of a unicorn. The Unicorn caught my eye – as if he was trying to tell me something. That night I dreamt of Unicorns. Huge white shiny horses jumping with joy. I felt they represented my soul. Freebird happy go lucky loving.

My Encounter with Unicorns and How they Guided Me to My Calling

For the next 2-3 weeks, I saw Unicorns everywhere. Be it, shops, stores, parks. I still took it as coincidences but was immensely drawn to them.

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On a Sunday afternoon, I was at the Hamleys store in Oxford street. There was a huge Unicorn soft toy and it caught my special attention. The same evening I felt a very positive presence in my house. When I closed my eyes (which I always do when I sense energy) I could see a huge white Unicorn standing behind me emitting pure white light. In a moment I felt beyond amazing. It was an out of world experience.

The further connection

I came back to a Mumbai after the end of my work assignment in…

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