Communication within the Healing Community

Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master

Recently, I was looking at some holistic healing books on a large bookseller website when I read something upsetting. Sadness overwhelmed me as I read a scathing book review written by a holistic healing professional, regarding a book written by another professional. Not only did the reviewer disagree with some of the points made in the book, but she also made disparaging remarks about the integrity of the author’s holistic practice. It seemed as if the one writing the review had some rigid ideas about the modality and, any people with differing opinions and practices are simply wrong.

I have no idea if these two people know each other, if some kind of conflict already exists between them, or if the reviewer has a particular issue with this form of healing practice. No matter the circumstances, is this the best way to handle it? Wouldn’t it be better for the two parties to communicate with each other and come to an agreement – even if they agree to disagree?

In this case, the reviewer practitioner “went public” with her thoughts and opinions. If any healing practitioner thinks another practitioner is practicing in an unhelpful, or questionable way, there is a responsibility to communicate with the other person directly. The communication should be approached with honesty and respect. We should state our concerns, with no judgmental or derogatory comments. An open dialogue between the two persons can be a learning experience for both.

Communication within the Healing Community

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One of my concerns about this book review was the effect it could have on someone who has little knowledge of holistic healing. If a person’s first introduction to these modalities was such a negative discourse, would s/he be motivated to pursue complementary modalities? Probably not. If any holistic practitioner can treat another practitioner with lack of respect, it would give one pause.

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This is not to suggest there can be no disagreements between two practitioners, two modalities and so forth. It is about the “how” of expressing disagreements. It is bringing truthfulness and integrity into the process. It is operating from our compassionate hearts, and our authentic power, to approach differing points of view between two people.

Let us review Dr. Usui’s fifth principle of Reiki: Just for today, be kind to every living thing. Let us always remember to be kind to all people, animals and other forms of life around us. Let us always be kind to each other in this special community of holistic practitioners – even when we may disagree with something said or written.

If we have concerns about another’s words or actions, the kind thing to do is to approach that person in love and humility. We ask for guidance before we speak; we ask for assistance to listen with our ears and our heart. We are grateful for the opportunity to dialogue with another (whether in person or through electronic means, when necessary).

Let us always remember…

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