When Was the Last Time You Threw a Pie in Someone’s Face?

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You’ve been doing all the steps involved in manifesting your desires…

You’ve asked for what you want…

You’ve eliminated all resistance and detached from the outcome. All that’s left is to receive your desire.

Does this mean that you just sit there and do nothing? Simply waiting for whatever you want to suddenly appear before your very eyes as if by magic? Of course not.

Receiving isn’t sitting around and doing nothing. You still have to do something to manifest your dream, and that something is taking inspired action.

Inspired action is being open to opportunities when they come to you. It’s following through on the little hunches and signs that you’re given. It’s doing things that feel effortless and fun.

The Universe is going to do the majority of the work to manifest your desire. It’s going to work behind the scenes arranging everything so that your desire comes to you. It’s going to do all of the hard stuff.

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What you have to do might be as simple as answering the phone, going to lunch with friends, or sending an email. I don’t know what kind of action you will have to take, but you will usually have to do something.

How do You Know if an Action is Inspired Action?

You’ll get some kind of a hunch, a gut feeling, or maybe even a little voice inside your head telling you to do something.

It might be that you suddenly feel like you need to call someone right now. You don’t know why, but you just have to do it. Listen to your instincts. Make the phone call. It could lead to the manifestation of your desire. The person you call might be the person who can make it happen, he might know someone who can, or he might say something that will lead you to your dream manifesting.

Start paying attention to the internal signs you are given. Even if they seem as silly as throwing a pie in someone’s face, listen to them. Act on your inspirations to create a shortcut to manifesting success. You never know what the result might be.

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