Quick Reiki Practice for Making Decisions You Feel Aligned To

“To be or not to be, that is the question” – William Shakespeare

Not sure if we have all come across this Shakespearean phrase, but rest assured we all have faced moments or situations in life, living this phrase “to be or not to be”. Yes, I am talking about making choices in life. Decision making in life need not always be the big life transforming ones but it can even be as meagre as choosing which flavor of ice cream you would like for your scoop.

As a child, I used to face this kind of situations umpteenth number of times. The list goes on from which pen to write with to which dress to wear to even bigger choices like choosing extra subjects in secondary school to even choosing your career. These “tension-struck moments” stretches somewhere between few seconds to even few days. Unfortunately, that time-lapse never depends on how important the decision is, rather how quickly we come to a conclusion. As an adult when I eventually became more aware about myself, I realized that these tension moments bring into the body some sort of discomfort and heaviness. I never liked getting into that feeling which was so personal and eagerly wished to come out of it.

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Years later, when I got attuned to Reiki, little did I know at that point, my decade long struggle has finally found its solution. I was just doing my daily practice as usual. Over the months I felt calmer and at ease sitting in silence and I could strikingly note that choice making wasn’t as painful as before. Hooray!!

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Quick Reiki Practice for Making Decisions You Feel Aligned To

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Today I would love to share a quick little practice that anybody can give a try if they feel connected to.

  • Sit in a comfortable space preferably where you won’t be disturbed for 10-15 minutes.
  • Close your eyes and draw the Reiki symbols in your mind.
  • Invoke upon your highest source and imagine a bright white light shining upon you. Bathe yourself into that light spreading all over.
  • Put your hands on your Heart chakra and witness the emotions.
  • Next in your mind speak out whatever is bothering you and ask the source of light to guide you.
  • Know that your guidance is coming your way.
  • Stay in that space for as long as you are comfortable.
  • Thank Reiki and open your eyes.

You can do this practice before sleep (if there’s a big confusion going on the mind) or anytime during the day. Even outside for little choices you can just connect to your source and listen to your heart.


Article by Debashree Bandyopadhyay

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Debashree Bandyopadhyay

Debashree Bandyopadhyay

Debashree Bandyopadhyay is a Holistic Image Consultant and helps people with their confidence and body positivity. She is a Master level Reiki Practitioner and practices mantra-meditation and…

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