Reiki Enhances Our Special Gifts

Reiki’s healing energy touches all aspects of our lives, including awakening and encouraging our special gifts. We have much to offer, but at times may not be aware of the gifts we possess. For me, one area has proven to be writing. I never thought I was a writer until it slowly emerged after learning and living with Reiki.

My writing journey with Reiki began when Reiki Rays reached out and asked if I would be interested in writing an article for them. I was hesitant but decided to jump in and take the risk. I have now been writing for this wonderful organization for the past two years. It has been life changing. There is no question in my mind that Reiki contributed to this writing adventure. I find that I am willing to take more risks in my life now that Reiki is an important part of my daily adventure. My writing continued to expand and now includes creating and writing poetry. I recently decided to incorporate poems in some of my articles for Reiki Rays. I am including a special one in this article.

I am sure as a Reiki Practitioner you have been called upon to assist many during difficult times in their lives. I think one of the most difficult situations is a family member, friend, or caregiver helping a person with Alzheimer’s. The following is my poem “Saying Goodbye”. I hope that it brings some comfort when assisting the family of a person with a memory loss illness.

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Reiki Enhances Our Special Gifts

Saying Goodbye

How do you say goodbye
you are slowly slipping away
why must this be, can’t it be solved
don’t let this be, remain with me

I am angry this is happening
I am sad that it cannot be stopped
I am losing you little by little
don’t go away – try hard to stay
if you can’t, know you are not alone
I am here letting you know I care

A day will come I know
when you will not recall
all the loving memories
we shared and held dear
makes me sad but I am here
never alone will you be
hold onto me

I honor all you are
listening to what you say
help me know what you need
help me learn what must be
let me not try to change
accepting it as it all unfolds

I will hold our memories close
never forgotten, cherished for us both
you are forever with me
I don’t doubt that you know
I hear it in your voice
and see it in your eyes

It is said your mind is disappearing
you may not be what you were
but you are not empty and alone
I believe the love in your heart
nourishes and helps you along

I know our spirit survives
it carries us on forever
you are never alone
loving keeps us together
no matter if you recall

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I will never say goodbye
you will always be in my heart
love is here and beyond
let your spirit remain

I will never let it go
holding on for us both
know you are never alone
I am here for you

There are times it is difficult to put into words what to say to someone who is going through a hard time. However, by putting into words what we feel enables us to share openly with our loved ones. When I share my poems, I bless them with Reiki before I give them to my clients, family, and friends. My hope is…

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