Reiki Inspiration from Autumn

Article by Stephanie Drane

Autumn sees the last harvest here on the northern hemisphere. All is safely gathered in and very little will grow now, the cycle of birth and growth is over until spring. Nature is at the point of receding and dying back; the energy in the plants is drawn inwards to maintain life through winter, the seeds dropped into the earth are apparently lying dormant but with so much potential, awaiting the time to grow, animals are preparing to hide away, building their energy stores to see them through the winter. The whole of nature around us is withdrawing, gathering, retreating and hiding away into cosy nooks and crannies preparing for the cold, dark days to come. There’s no wonder we feel the call to do this too! Many of us feel this call to withdraw, gather our reserves and nurture ourselves at this time.

Here’s a Reiki self-healing visualisation that I like to do in Autumn:

Before doing this you may like to go for a walk somewhere that you can see the signs of autumn. Enjoy the rich colours and maybe collect some fallen leaves, seeds, conkers and acorns. You can use these to place in front of or around you while you do this visualisation or you could create a mandala with them and be reminded of the healing whenever you see it.

  • Make yourself comfortable with cushions and blankets. You may like to lay down for deep relaxation or sit so that you can feel your feet on the floor to help with grounding. Do whatever feels the most beneficial to you.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, relax your body and mind and centre yourself.
  • Start to channel Reiki for self-healing, visualise the beautiful energy entering the top of your head and filling your body with healing light.
  • You are now going to visualise that you are a tree.
    Reiki Inspiration from Autumn

    Image by skeeze

  • First see your strong roots growing from the centre of your feet deep into the earth, anchoring you safely there.
  • Now see your branches growing from your shoulders, neck and head. They are covered in lush green leaves. In this visualisation, the leaves represent your worries and cares, any of your thoughts and actions that do not serve your highest good. You may feel the weight of them on your shoulders and mind.
  • Now draw the Reiki energy and your attention into your trunk, the core of your body. Feel it making you sturdy and strong. See the energy flowing into your roots, safely grounding you into the earth. Focus the energy into the inner spark of your soul, the light right at the centre of your heart. Feel the Reiki soothing and healing you.
  • As you draw your energy inward from the branches, into your core, see that any positive energy, lessons and love goes into you and the only thing left in the leaves are worries and thoughts that no longer serve your highest good. Notice that without your energy, attention and focus your leaves are shrivelling and withering. They have no energy in them now and are held so loosely on your branches that they sway in the gentle breeze….
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