Reiki with Sunny Inspiration

Article by Stephanie Drane

The height of summer is a time of bright sunlight and long days when many of us take the opportunity to step off the treadmill and enjoy a break.

The word solstice literally means ‘sun stands still’ as the sun at the peak of its power appears to take a break on its journey and stay on the same trajectory in the sky for a few days. A wonderful reminder for us that even when we feel our most powerful, most needed and called to work we also need to stand still for a while.

Use inspiration from the sun at its most powerful to help you take a moment of stillness. Take time for Reiki self-healing, look inwards at your own inner power, notice where you need nurturing, what parts of you need to be exposed to the light? See and appreciate the brightness of your inner spark. Stand firm in your power, and like the sun, shine your light brightly even when in a moment of stillness.

Reiki With Sunny Inspiration

If you need to take a moment of stillness you can try the following Self-healing meditation:

  • You can light a candle and/or use a yellow blanket to represent the sun.
  • Lie comfortably and close your eyes.
  • Start Reiki flowing and place your hands on your solar plexus.
  • Visualise that you are laying in the sun on a beautiful beach, feel the soft sand under your fingers, the warm breeze brushing your skin, listen to the waves and the birds, see the sunlight behind your eyelids.
  • Feel the light of the sun enter you and join the Reiki energy as it spreads throughout your body.
  • If you feel guided to, using HSZSN send some of this energy out to the Earth, a cause that matters to you, or forward in time with a vision of peace and harmony.
  • Enjoy the warmth of the healing energies within you until you feel ready to stop.
  • Stop the flow of Reiki and give thanks to Reiki and the sun for the energy you have received.
  • Rub your hands together a few times until they feel warm, then place them over your closed eyes.
  • Open your eyes behind your hands and slowly move your hands away, gently letting your eyes get used to the light.
  • Ground yourself in whichever way suits you best and go about your day energized and uplifted.
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Summer is a time of fulfillment, expansiveness, nurturing and growing; we are so close to harvesting the fruits of our labours. The sun is shining it’s strong light on the earth which provides energy for our plants to grow, too much sun, however, can parch the land so needs to be balanced with water and shade. A reminder to us to be mindful of overdoing one aspect of our lives and the need for balance in all things. Seek balance in your life to nurture all aspects of your self. Give yourself Reiki self-healing, treating and healing each chakra to achieve balance.

Wishing you sunshine and smiles.

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Stephanie Drane
Stephanie Drane

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