Reiki and People with Cancer

Like many Reiki practitioners, potential clients often ask me if Reiki will cure a specific disease. Of course, I make no promises guaranteeing a cure but I give information about Reiki’s healing aspects, including physical, emotional and spiritual areas. Some people are disappointed and want to think more before scheduling an appointment. Others understand that Reiki, other alternative or complementary methods, and western medicine often does not provide a miracle cure. They also understand healing in the emotional and/or spiritual arenas may be the best opportunity to manifest a physical cure.

Almost everyone who receives a diagnosis of any type, or stage, of cancer experiences shock and fear. Frequently, people with cancer recall hearing those words – and not hearing another word the doctor said. Everyone knows someone – often a cherished family member or friend – who has died from cancer. An ominous feeling is attached to the word.

Most people with cancer will experience the five stages of grief, as described by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in 1969. The stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Initially, these stages were written describing the emotions of people with a terminal illness. However, as healthcare and mental health professionals worked with these stages, it became apparent people dealing with various kinds of losses also live through these stages. Additionally, it was found people went back and forth between the stages – it was not a clear progression from one stage to the next, with no return to previous stages. Some people became “stuck” in a stage; this may be detrimental to the emotional being of a person.

Reiki and People with Cancer

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We Reiki practitioners can be supportive to people who have a cancer diagnosis. Some forms of cancer are treatable and survivable. In general, it is not where the cancer is located in the body, but rather it is the type of tumor and what stage the cancer had reached prior to the diagnosis. For example, many types of breast cancer can be eradicated, likely not to return, while other types are more threatening.

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Generally, the most common experience of people with a diagnosis of cancer follows the five stages of grief. Even people with a strong, positive prognosis still feel a loss. It is the loss of good health; it is shocking; it is a scare they feel deeply. It can affect every aspect of their lives.

When we consider the five stages of grief, we see each one is based on emotional reactions. As we know, the Universal Life Force healing energies go to areas where healing is most needed. Likewise, we know it is difficult for physical problems to be healed when emotions are running high. Medications, chemotherapy and other treatments are more effective when the patient’s energies remain open and relaxed. Fearful energies provide a roadblock to effective treatments – the physical body becomes stressed and tightens up.

Some Reiki practitioners may have fears about giving…

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