How to Use the Secret for Money

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Do you want to know how to use the secret for money? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

As you know from the movie, “The Secret,” the Law of Attraction is all about your thoughts. What you think about, you create. So if you want to use the secret for money, you have to think about money.

Now, I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “But I already do that and look at all the debt I have. There’s just never enough money for all the things I want and need.”

Do you see what you just did though? You focused on the lack of money. You thought about debt, not having enough, the things you can’t have…

…and so what did you just create with the secret Law of Attraction? More debt. More lack. More not having enough.

If you want to use the secret for money, you have to focus on everything money brings to you.

When you see your electric bill every month, don’t think, “Oh great, another bill. Where’s that money coming from?” Instead be grateful for the electricity. Be grateful for everything it gave you for the month – watching TV, using your hairdryer, hot food, lights at night…

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See the abundance money is bringing to you. Increase your feelings of wealth and wealth will come to you.

Here are some specific things you can do to increase your feelings of wealth:

  1. Abundance Checks. Every month, take a blank check and fill in your name, the amount, and all the other details. Sign it “The Universe,” “God,” “Source,” or any cosmic entity you prefer. Even “Your Fairy Godmother” works. Look at the check every day when you wake up and when you go to bed. Feel that you already have that money now. Imagine spending it. Really immerse yourself in how wonderful it is. Know that the money is already yours.
  2. Let go of need. Needing money is a powerful feeling, but it’s a feeling that will only create more instances of you needing money.
  3. Be and feel happy now. When you feel happy, you draw more money and more opportunities to receive money to you. You’ll find things you normally buy are suddenly cheaper or on sale, like groceries or gas. You’ll find new opportunities to make more money…such as being asked to participate in a craft fair where you can turn your jewelry making hobby into a side business.
  4. Change the words on your lips. Stop saying “I can’t afford that.” Change it to “I can afford that. I can buy it.” Say it for everything you see, no matter how big or small.
  5. Grab money from the air. Imagine money is falling all around you. Feel it touch your hair, your face, your shoulders… Breathe in its smell. Money is all around you. Falling onto you. Stretch out your arms. Feel the money falling into your open arms. Reach out and start grabbing money from the air. Know that it is real. Know that it is yours.
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Now that you know how to use the secret for money, remember that it’s up to you. It’s up to you to focus on what you want. It’s up to you to focus on abundance. It’s up to you to focus on having an abundance of money.

The secret Law of Attraction isn’t going to do it for you. It will give you the tools to be successful. But it’s up to you to use them.

If you do, you will find success with both the Law of Attraction and money.

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