How to Use the Secret

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Most people who have achieved great success understand how to use the secret Law of Attraction on a daily basis.

You can be one of them, but first you have to understand how your mind works.

You have to understand that your thoughts have a powerful impact on your success.

You have to understand how you think if you want to use the Secret successfully.

You see, everyone thinks in a certain way. How you think is based on beliefs you have learned throughout your life, going back to when you were a small child. Many times these beliefs are limiting… holding you back from the very life you want. They make little doubts or feelings of unworthiness crop up in your thoughts.

And it’s important to understand the power of your thoughts because…

…your thoughts are things.

What you think about most often becomes your reality.

What you visualize…the images you think about in your mind…become your reality.

What you talk about…the words you say in your mind or out loud…become your reality.

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Whether you think about the great things you want to achieve, the things you fear, or whether you can achieve the things you desire, you attract people, circumstances and events into your life that reflect those thoughts.

Now, the good thing is that the things that you think about aren’t created instantly. If they were, every time you thought of a pink elephant, one would appear.

This gives you the ability to change your thoughts as soon as you realize you are thinking negatively.

You can change your thoughts. You can change your life.

Simply decide what you want to think about and your life will change so that you become that.

And if you are ever unsure about whether you’re focusing on the things you want or the things you don’t want, look at your emotions.

If you feel good – happy, passionate, joyful – you are focusing on the things you do want.

If you feel bad – sad, lonely, unhappy, angry – you are focusing on the things you don’t want.

Let your emotions guide you.

They will tell you if you are focusing on what you don’t want or on what you fear. Simply stop focusing on the things you don’t want, and begin focusing on the things you do want.

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When you can control your thoughts, you will be well on your way to knowing how to use the Secret.

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