The Love Litmus Test: 15 Signs You’re With The Right Person

Finding the right person to share your life with can be a challenging journey, and you may often wonder if you are on the right path.

As you navigate through the twists and turns of love, you may sometimes look for signs to reassure yourself that you are indeed with the right partner.

In this article, we will explore some of these indicators that you are with the person who truly complements you and makes your life better.

Just as there are many different people in the world, there are also numerous ways to determine whether or not you are with the right person.

Some signs may be straightforward, while others may require you to dig a little deeper.

We will provide you with several key considerations to reflect on, allowing you to better appreciate your relationship and honestly evaluate its success.

You Feel Loved, Desired, And Wanted

Does your partner always bring you your favorite snacks when you have had a rough day at work?

Are they always there to provide you with words of love and affection when you are feeling down?

When you’re with the right person, they make you feel truly loved, desired, and wanted. They are attentive to your needs and are genuinely interested in your happiness.

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They show you affection and care, leaving no doubt in your mind about how much they value you.

Not only do they express their love through words, but they also show it through their actions.

A loving touch, a warm hug, or simply spending quality time together can make all the difference.

When you need support or encouragement, they’re always there for you.

Being with someone who truly cherishes you for who you are allows you to feel secure and respected in your relationship.

This emotional connection fosters a deep sense of trust and understanding between you both, helping to create a strong and lasting bond.

You Both Handle Conflicts In A Similar Or Complementary Manner

When you and your partner face disagreements, how you handle conflicts shapes the success of your relationship.

Luckily, you both have a similar or complementary approach to resolving issues. For example, you both might value open communication and actively listen to each other’s concerns.

It’s a great sign when you’re able to calmly discuss your issues and reach compromises.

Working together, you can overcome obstacles as a unified team.

In contrast, unhealthy conflict resolution techniques, such as screaming or stonewalling, lead to resentment and frustration.

According to psychologist Dr. Kathy Nickerson, ‘fair fighting’ is one of the key parts of having a healthy relationship.


Of course, any relationship will face difficulties, but what counts is how we handle them.

Couples who have healthy relationships know that the point of a fight is to communicate, not destroy each other. They care about each other’s feelings; they’re careful about tone and how they phrase things. The goal of good communication is to be honest, authentic, and kind – not nasty, critical, defensive, or dismissive.

– Dr. Kathy Nickerson

You Can Talk For Hours

One clear sign that you’re with the right person is the ease with which you can talk for hours on end.

You both enjoy sharing stories, opinions, and even the smallest details of your day.

Remember those times when you lost track of time, just chatting away, and realized it was past midnight?

This organic flow of conversation is a true testament to the compatibility you share with your partner.

It’s not just about the ability to chat, though.

Being able to discuss pressing matters and share your deepest thoughts is crucial in a healthy relationship.

Your partner is truly the right one when they lend an attentive ear and offer genuine support in times of need.

Comfort, understanding, and trust are key ingredients of a strong bond, and your heart-to-heart conversations demonstrate that perfectly.

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You Feel Comfortable Being Yourself Around Them

A couple being comfortable with each other

Finding someone you can truly be yourself around is a wonderful feeling.

When you’re with the right person, you don’t feel the need to put up any walls or pretend to be someone you’re not.

You can be silly, make goofy faces, and share your darkest secrets, knowing that your partner will not judge you.

They accept and love you for who you are, making you feel safe and secure.

This level of comfort also extends to your appearance. You don’t care about them seeing you curled up in your comfy clothes, hair pulled back, with no makeup on.

In the TV show Love Life, the narrator tells us that love is ‘where you don’t change your outfit just because you’re seeing the person, where you just wear what you’re wearing because you are who you are,’ and this simple quote says so much about love.

You know the person you are dating is right for you because you can be…

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