Tarot Bytes Episode 235 – Misconceptions About Tarot Readers with Michael Herkes

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Episode 235 – Misconceptions About Tarot Readers with Michael Herkes

You’ve probably seen the stereotypes portrayed in popular media: fortune tellers with scarves in dark rooms, turning over the Death card and exclaiming imminent doom. Or maybe you have other ideas about tarot readers such as assuming they can read minds. Author Michael Herkes aka The Glam Witch joins me to debunk these misconceptions. He also gives the inside scoop about his newest book, Astrology for Witches: Enhance Your Rituals, Spells, and Practices with the Magic of the Cosmos.

About Michael:

Michael Herkes (Her-Kiss, like circus) makes magic across the windy city of Chicago as a genderqueer author, tarot reader, and glamour witch. After practicing privately for two decades, Michael stepped out of the broom closet and into the role of teacher—dedicating his energy to uplifting and mentoring others on using witchcraft for self-empowerment. Since then, he has authored six books, written a variety of digital content, and presented workshops across the United States as a speaker on the art of witchcraft and glamour. Through this, he has made a name for himself as “The Glam Witch”, known for his bubbly personality and eccentric flair for caftans, kimonos, the color pink…and powerful transformative magic. Focusing primarily on glamour magic, Michael’s practice centers around magical aesthetics and adornment, using fashion and makeup to cultivate inner and outer makeovers—inspiring others to tap into their personal power and creativity to create positive change in their own lives and the world around them.

For more information visit www.theglamwitch.com.

Check out Michael’s books:

The GLAM Witch
The Complete Book of Moon Spells
Witchcraft for Daily Self-Care
Love Spells for the Modern Witch
Moon Spells for Beginners

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