The 2020 Global Reiki Survey is Out! The Empirical Proof of the Wonderful Benefits of Reiki

The 2020 Global Reiki Survey is Out!
The Empirical Proof of the Wonderful Benefits of Reiki

We in the Reiki world don’t need convincing of the benefits of our Reiki practice, but it’s always great to have data to back our cause. As a teacher I know, as you do, that Reiki is a life-changer and a force for transformation, healing, and a deep connection with our inner peace. Well, now we can state that 91% of Reiki users agree!

The Global Reiki Survey of nearly 1,300 Reiki users (thank you to all who participated!) covered emotional/mental measures, physical health and lifestyle changes. Respondents were asked to rate their levels of improvement since beginning a Reiki practice.

92% of Reiki users report more peace,
85% report less stress.

The range of improvements is impressive with mental/emotional wellbeing topping the list:

87% report less anger,
86% less anxiety and worry,
and 84% more happiness.

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Reiki is Life-changing

Thousands of personal stories and testimonials covered an enormous range of positive differences people experienced once beginning a Reiki self-practice. The common theme weaving through the data and feedback was that Reiki was life-changing.

I had Post-Partum Depression. Reiki pulled me out of a very dark place. – Constadina V, USA

I am more creative. Reiki opens up a new world for self-development, I am more active and more self-confident. – S.G., Poland

Emotional health and resilience, inner peace and strength even through very hard times. – Carolyn C, USA

Reiki changed my life. – Gabor, Hungary

Is Reiki Pandemic-Proof?

The fact the data was collected during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic (27th April to 2nd June 2020) is an incredible testament to the resilience and power of our Reiki practice.

Asked about their physical wellbeing, 80% found they suffered from less colds/flu, the implications of this one data point – that Reiki helps our immune system to fight viruses, should be shouted loud and clear. Our ability to help ourselves and build our immune systems to strengthen ourselves against viral infection is something we all have experienced, and this data supports this fact.

As a teacher or leader in your Reiki community, please do encourage your students and friends to be persistent in their self-healing. During this difficult and uncertain time it is amazing that the responses were filled with uplifting, positive and encouraging stories of optimism and gratitude. Reiki during the time of the pandemic is helping people be more resilient, calm, and peaceful.

The 2020 Global Reiki Survey is Out! The Empirical Proof of the Wonderful Benefits of Reiki

Reiki helps a huge range of issues

72% saw improvements in headaches/migraines and 69% found improvement in muscle cramp/pain. 66% reported improved sleep. But the range of illness that improved with Reiki was extremely broad:

I’m a quadriplegic with chronic pain issues as well. If I couldn’t do self-treatments I would be much worse….

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