Ask RMT – In-person versus Distant Reiki Sessions – Do they have the same effect?

At the core of Reiki is the knowledge that we’re all simply energy, a fact also proven by quantum physics. This healing energy moves without being confined by time and space but is there any difference between receiving a healing session in-person versus from a distance away?

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“Are in-person Reiki sessions and distant sessions providing the same effect?”

Answer from Elaine Hamilton Grundy,

Thanks for this question, Andrea! In Reiki level two we learn the distance healing symbol and this allows us to send Reiki to others via distance. In my opinion, it is extremely effective but a few things for you to bear in mind when making the choice for yourself or loved ones. There is an important part played by the recipient in any healing – it is always the recipient doing the healing for themselves, even if it is via your hands as a conduit. Some people feel this more keenly when they are in the room with you – the thought of “oh, something is happening, I can feel it” and this produces the subconscious commitment for change or healing. Some people need to feel this physically and may not respond the same way if it’s via a distance and they don’t really notice anything. I overcome this by connecting virtually with the person and making sure they take time to actually talk to me as we do the healing – in this way it is very immediate, and they get to feel the physical sensations as they would a face to face healing session.

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Secondly, most of us are starved of physical contact. We are not particularly tactile in our daily lives, and the act of having someone touch us is incredibly healing all on its own. For some people this is an important part of the healing process – to be nurtured and physically connected with another person – this will be of varying importance from person to person. You may also have the opposite case whereby the person actually does better at a distance as touch has trauma attached to it and the person is actually more comfortable and open at a distance.

As a giver of Reiki healing I personally don’t notice a difference apart from my hands’ sensations – when I am in the room with someone they tend to get quite hot, whereas when I am sending they tend to be very tingly. But for you, you may have a preference so that is also something to take into consideration.

As far as the Reiki is concerned, time and space are not issues. Reiki is universal life force and the act of healing is really more of an activation within the person of their own innate healing abilities – you are not physically pumping any actual substance into the person, and so there is no reason to be physically present. Your presence is as a gentle witness to the others’ healing, as all healing is, so whether you are witnessing in the room or witnessing in the ether, it is all one and the same.

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