Twin Flame Energy Clearing – Get All The Benefits

Twin flame energy clearing is an essential part of the process of achieving union with your mirror soul.

Negative energy clings to us, absorbed into our auras and affecting everything we do.

A lot of this negative energy comes from old wounds sustained in childhood, or perhaps even in a previous life.

Energy clearing is all about removing the mental and emotional blocks that keep the two of you at a distance from each other, whether that distance is physical, emotional, or spiritual.

These blocks are what stand in the way of you and your destined partner.

There are a variety of techniques you can use to clear the dark energy from your relationship and allow the two of you to be together.

Some require expert assistance, but with pennies pressed for many these days we understand that is not an option for everyone – so we have also included some energy clearing techniques you can do from home!

How To Perform Twin Flame Energy Clearing

The first and most obvious way to remove the blocks from your relationship is to see an expert in clearing negative energy.

A private session with someone who is trained in the area of twin flames and has experience dealing with this kind of issue can be very helpful.

In helping to adjust your perspective and get to grips with the powers at play you can experiance the spiritual health you need to progress.spiritual tantra sexuality e1565080110269

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However, not every “expert” is for real, so you should be careful about who you give your money.

A good way of getting around this is to find a friend who can help you in this area.

While there will be a lot of trial and error while the two of you work through the process, your existing close relationship should help to make you feel more comfortable opening up.

That’s the second way, as it happens.

Opening up about issues and trauma from your past can help you to deal with the emotional collateral damage from it – as long as you trust the person, you are opening up your heart and soul with.

Hidden within your past are events that are still haunting you, putting blocks up in your relationship in a misguided attempt to keep you from experiencing the same harm again.

The problem is when these are subconscious, not talked about or dealt with but shoved deep down until you forget the hurt.

But this pain is not really forgotten – they still affect you, you have just surrendered control over it.

When you engage in twin flame energy healing these old wounds rare their ugly heads.

While this is often painful and emotional, it allows you to take ownership of them and take steps to heal.

Without this, healing will be challenging as you are basically “healing in the dark.”

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Lastly, you should discuss these things with your partner.

You will be surprised at how much of what you are sharing resonates with them, whether they have experienced something similar or not.

By doing this, you are taking away the negative power of those past wounds and in doing so, clearing your aura.

It has many benefits within and beyond the twin flame relationship.

Benefits Of Twin Flame Energy Clearing

The benefits of clearing the blocks in your relationship are many.

The obvious benefit is that you can overcome the challenges that place themselves in the way of union and finally realize the beauty of this special karmic relationship.

What you are mostly doing is getting out of your way.

The mental and emotional blocks that are present in your relationship lift, and you will no longer feel fear or apprehension at the idea of being together.

Other obstacles will dissolve, too. Physical distance, age gap, social pressure – all of these things and more can stand in the way of your union.

But once you clear the energy and your blocks are gone, these obstacles become infinitely more comfortable to deal with.

Distance becomes less of an issue. You either find a way to be closer or find a way to be together even when you are apart.

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Age becomes just a number. As long as you are both old enough to make your own decisions, it doesn’t matter if the two of you are of different generations.

You can see now how that could be a positive in your life, rather than a problem.

You realize that the social pressure put onto you by others over your “choice” of a partner is nothing to be concerned with.

Their disapproval of your relationship comes from a place of ignorance and fear, a consequence of their own mental blocks and old wounds.

All of these benefits should be enough for you to get on board with the idea of energy clearing – but there are also advantages to doing it that don’t directly relate to your twin flame.

The negative energy that absorbed itself into your aura and kept you from the union has been affecting you in other ways that you might not even have woman hugging 1296x728 header 0 e1565080722448

After a clearing session, you will feel more energized, awake, and connected.

Any blockages in your chakras are clean so that you will feel the full benefit of an active, subtle body.

Any aches and pains,…

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