Twin Flame Fear Of Rejection

Twin Flame Fear Of Rejection: There are certain facets of the twin flame relationship that can cause problems – and a fear of rejection is one of them.

To really get why this is, we need to talk about the karmic nature of the twin flame relationship.

So if your twin flame has run away from the relationship for fear of rejection, or perhaps you have done exactly that, let us give you a little information that might help you in your circumstance.

Karmic Lessons Between Twin Flames

The twin flame relationship has at its centre a spiritual journey.

We are supposed to make this spiritual journey with our twin flame to do our part in fulfilling the purpose of the universe and universal consciousness.

This spiritual journey consists of karmic lessons.

Karmic lessons are essentially lessons we learn about life, about our selves and the universe and its transcendental nature.

Our twin flame is ideally suited to help us to learn these lessons, and that is why we have twin flames at all.

But the twin flame spiritual journey is difficult. After all, we are not perfect people. If we were, we wouldn’t need the karmic lessons in the first place.

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Emotional Baggage And A Fear Of Rejection

The truth is, most of us carry the scars of old wounds wherever we go.

These scars are the ones we must heal as part of the twin flame spiritual journey, but at the outset, we bear the burden of them entirely.

For those who have experienced traumatic rejection, the scars of that experience may still be fresh wounds in their mind.

Couple a deep fear of rejection due to old trauma with the intensity and difficulty of embarking on a twin flame relationship and its no wonder why some people run away from it.

They fear that they will fail at this important task, that their twin flame will tell them that they are wrong to think that this is a twin flame relationship at all.

They fear the reopening of old wounds. They remember the pain of the initial cut.

All Twin Flame Relationships Have A Runner

And this is far more common than we might think.

In fact, when we are in this situation – either as the twin with a fear of rejection who runs or as the twin who watches them turn heel – it often seems like we are the only people who are experiencing this.

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But it is normal to have a runner in the twin flame relationship. You can read about twin flame runners elsewhere on this site.

All you need to know for now is that it’s okay. Tackling this old wound is simply the first karmic lesson of your particular twin flame spiritual journey.

Rather than feeling sorry for yourself or cursing your luck, you must stand tall and tackle the problem head-on.

It is only through this karmic, spiritual healing that we can become the people that we know we truly are. And then we can achieve happiness, love and enlightenment together with our twin flame.

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