Why Your Twin Flame Rejects You

Twin flame rejection is real and truly painful. If you are suffering, you know how hard it is to find the love of your life and then get rejected. All the joy and happiness you found on meeting the other half of your soul vanishes within seconds.

The agony of the rejection engulfs all the contentment and makes you hollow inside with gloominess. You don’t know what to do with yourself; you feel helpless.

Well, to all those people who are going through this condition, you should be aware that you are not alone. Many people are facing the same situation as yours because it is an important part of the twin flame journey.

It is known as the separation period of the twin flame relationship and rejection is its compulsory part. It is good that you are in your complete senses at least; but many times, both twin flames reject each other and make things more complicated.

What Leads to Twin Flame Rejection?

At the time of twin flame rejection, lots of things are happening that you must know. The attraction between the twin flames is highly intense.

That intensity is not comfortable for one or both twins, and they feel bad about it because of their previous experiences and childhood lessons.  One or both twins start to reject each other which is not the right way to pursue the solution for their discomfort.

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There are so many factors that are playing a part in this aspect. What matters here is in what circumstances you have met your twin flame? Were they in a relationship at that time? Are they married? Do they have responsibilities to complete?

Except for the past rejection experiences, these things also have the role in whether your twin flame will reject you.

What Happens During Twin Flame Rejection?

During the rejection, if the twins want to stay together, they want to seek answers. On the other hand, the runner counterparts are confused with their feelings. It is the time when both twin flames conquer each other’s mind.

They are the first thought in the morning and last one at night. This leads them to have a deeper energetic experience together.

If rejection happened, what is going on at their end? The answer depends on how powerfully you believe in your twin flame connection. The twin flame that has rejected you could never forget you. You are always on their mind that’s for sure.

So, you need to remain positive as well if your twin flame is still single. But if he or she is married, then it is better for you to encourage this rejection and move on with your life. You can also be friends.

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Does the rejection always mean the End?

No, that is not necessary. If you are single and your twin flame as well, there is less probability that they might leave you forever. Twin flame relationships are very complex and keep coming back to you no matter what you do. This is because your soul has found its counterpart and wants the reunion. It will continually remind you of one another until you both become one again.

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