Are You Manifesting What You Expect?

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We often hear that manifesting and using the Law of Attraction are about your thoughts and feelings. However, your expectations play just as important of a role. You might even say that what you expect reveals your true thoughts, feelings, and limiting beliefs. You could describe the manifesting process as: think, feel, expect, manifest.

What you expect is what you manifest.

Most people go about their day expecting things to happen a certain way. They expect a meeting to go badly. They expect the weather to be warm. They expect every day to be like all the rest…

They even expect that if certain things happen, the outcome must be preordained. If a black cat crosses their path, it must give them bad luck, right?


The black cat doesn’t give them bad luck. They received bad luck because they expected it.

But something sets you apart from these people. You know that what you expect is what you manifest. If you want things to change, you change your expectations.

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If you’re used to failure or lack, how can you change your expectations?

It’s easy. Simply begin acting as if you expect good things to happen. Begin preparing for the things you desire to come to you.

If there’s something that you desire, but it seems very far off, begin expecting it to manifest now.

The Universe works in unexpected ways, but it can only bring you what you desire when you’re ready for it, so be ready for it now.

If you desire a new car, make room for it in your garage.

If you want a new relationship, start planning what you’ll wear on your first date – look in your closet, go window shopping.

If you want to manifest a new house, start looking at houses. Look at ones for sale online. Go to open houses. Drive around neighborhoods to see where you’d like to live.

Just do something to show that you expect your desire to come to you.

As you go about your day, you can stay on track by asking yourself:

  • What do you expect to happen?
  • Do you expect the worst to come?
  • Do you expect things to get better?
  • Do you expect to manifest your desires?
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