White Light, White Crystals, and White Salt: Keeping It Simple for Reiki

White isn’t really a color. It reflects all of the colors. White symbolizes purity. Throughout history white has been used to symbolize innocence, birth, and light. A blanket of fresh snow greets us with a chance to start anew. White is the light in the darkness. You can use the color white as a way to simply add a few items to your Reiki practice while staying on a budget.

Different colored candles have different symbolic representations. White candles, however, can be used for all purposes. You can use a white candle to help you focus on your meditation. You can think of your intention for Reiki, infuse the candle with your intention, and send Reiki to the candle. The candle will be a way to focus your intent and your Reiki. When you use your breath to blow out the candle you are symbolically sending the Reiki on its way for the intention that you had set.

White Light, White Crystals, and White Salt: Keeping It Simple for Reiki

There’s even a way to use white to simplify your crystal healing practice. Each crystal or gemstone represents specific healing intentions. Your chakras resonate and respond to certain crystals. However, Clear Quartz can be used in place of any crystal. Clear Quartz is like the ultimate crystal to have, it’s able to work with any frequency, any resonation, and any healing intentions. If you’re interested in crystal Reiki healing or want to explore using crystals with your self-Reiki and work on your chakras, start with Clear Quartz. I know it’s not white, per se, but much like, white, it can have a prism effect and reflect other colors.

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What about carrying around a crystal in your pocket that’s been charged with Reiki? Did you know there’s a really common household item that can be used as a good luck charm and you can supercharge it with Reiki? It’s salt. Just regular old table salt. Salt is a crystalline mineral. In many cultures, salt is considered good luck. Grab a few pieces of salt, Reiki them with an intention of having a great day and then place them in a pocket.

Salt is also a purifier. If you’re interested in purifying yourself or your Reiki workspace then you can use salt. It’s easy. You can use a bit of salt in the shower like you would a body scrub. This acts as a purification process before you begin a Reiki healing session. You can also use water and salt to make a gentle spray for your Reiki room (or area). This can be done in place of smudging for cleansing away negative energies.

If you want to add a few extras to your Reiki practice, but need to stay within a budget then remember white. White candles, quartz, and table salt. These three things are common and sound basic, but each one is a potential powerhouse that can help your practice.

Article by Carrie Anderson

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Carrie Anderson

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