Reiki and the Breath

Article by Jeff Nieuwenhuizen

Reiki is an amazing gift to whoever is open to it. So is the Breath, Ki energy that supports life in the physical plane, an energy that is too often overlooked or taken for granted.

Using the Breath while giving Reiki has its advantages where the client can not handle hands-on or even hovering hands types of healings. Using the Breath along with Reiki can change the style of healing that doesn’t directly use the hand chakras. Instead, your own body becomes the vessel for the Reiki energy that can be directed to another, through using the Breath to guide Reiki from your centre to a client close by.

The following is an example of how this can be done, but this could be modified to suit your own style or situation.

  • First, begin a self-healing session in your usual fashion with your client sitting or laying close to you. Placing your hands over your heart and solar plexus. Giving yourself some time to become ‘charged up’ with Reiki energy.
  • Next, begin to introduce the Breath with your self-healing. This is done by breathing air into the lungs and then exhaling, while exhaling, send the energy from the breath (Ki/Prana/breath of life) from the lungs into your heart. Using your intent or imagination or visualization (whatever works for you) to move Ki energy from the lungs to the heart. This, of course, is exactly what the body already does through charging up your blood supply with oxygen. But by doing this exercise you become aware of the natural flow of this energy that always moves within your body. With each breath, you become more in-tune with this state of being. Feeling both Reiki and Ki filling your heart centre.
    Reiki and the Breath

    Image by Nietjuh

  • Ask for your client’s permission, either verbally or asking their higher self in a similar fashion to the distant healing method. Asking for their, and your guides to assist is also important at this point. Only once you have the go ahead, you then can proceed to the next step.
  • Let’s say your client is on your left side of your body. Begin now, using your intent, direct Reiki with each exhalation, from your, now overflowing heart centre, to your left side of your abdomen. With each breath, spread the flow to your left shoulder, your whole left arm, left side of the neck, left side of the head. Also, moving downward to the left hip, the whole left leg. Lighting up your whole left side of your physical body.
  • With each breath cycle, the amount of energy flowing to your left side increases. Glowing, if you like, outward into your left side auric layers, feel these layers being bathed in pure Reiki energy. Continue guiding this healing energy outward, toward your client, seeing/feeling/sensing their auric layers being touched by this energy, with each breath, it continues to spread toward your client. Once you feel that a firm connection has been made to their physical body, all you need to do is continue the flow with each breath, continuing to top-up the flow from the…
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