21 Things Any Reiki Practitioner Should be Grateful For

Article by Anna Marks

As you probably know, a month ago we launched a new Facebook group called Reiki Rays Community Group where we go deeper into our healing journey. This group is creating a safe place and compassionate healing environment for all of us to live Reiki and share it with other practitioners around the world.

During one of our weekly activities, we asked our community members to accept our challenge and become Reiki Rays co-authors by sharing with us their honest, personal vision of things for which any Reiki practitioner should be grateful for. And below you have their answers:

    • I am grateful that Reiki allows me to be the instrument for the energy to flow to the blockages and heal. (Mary Anne McEvoy)
    • I am grateful that Reiki reconnects me to the beauty of nature around me. Now I stop to smell the flowers, cloud gaze and feel the wind or rain on my skin. (Deb Parsons)
    • I am grateful that Reiki allows me to always help others in there time of need. (Karen Marie)
    • I am grateful for the great awakening of all my senses that Reiki has brought. To experience the world around me truly in the moment. (Julie Morton)
    • I am grateful to have been chosen to share Reiki to others that are searching. (Marilyn Young Doherty)
    • I am grateful to share this lifeforce energy for the highest good and healing of others. Reiki has been a new beginning for me, opening up my senses of love, light and source energy. Thank you! (Deirdre Lowry)
    • I am grateful for recognizing LOVE energies within me and around me – wherever I am and whatever the circumstances are. (Jaki Johnson)
    • I am grateful for the moment and grateful in acceptance of things as they are and what I am being taught as part of my journey. (Tracey Alston)
      21 Things Any Reiki Practitioner Should be Grateful For

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    • I am grateful for showing me how to enjoy each moment as it comes. I love the sense of love and security I feel knowing that Reiki is and always will be right by my side. Thank you. (Kerry Cameron)
    • I am grateful to have been given the gift of Reiki to heal myself and others and of getting to know my angels and spirit guides. (Ethna Drummond)
    • I am grateful that Reiki chose me, as it has opened up so much for me to be able to see & appreciate all the beauty in nature and share healing energy with others! When you help others you feel amazing! (Belinda De Agostino)
    • I am grateful for the powerful ‘awareness of self’ through Reiki. Learning to focus on the self for growth and not selfishness and learning to let go of pride and ego. (Chrissy Ryerson)
    • I am grateful for the relationships with quality, authentic souls that have formed in my life as a result of Reiki. So many have fallen off since I started my spiritual journey but the ones that have stayed and are newly formed are deep spiritual connections. That is something I have always yearned for, most importantly, my relationship with myself. (Danielle Long-Cross)
    • I am grateful that Reiki has…
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