Reiki Diary

Article by Dhwani Parikh

This is a ritual of Reiki, I started longer back and it helped me to understand a lot more about healing. It is something beyond than writing about daily writing.

I started my Reiki practice about 14 years ago and I started writing a diary actually when I was in 4th grade. But before 2 years, I realized why don’t I note down my daily healings of 7 chakras and Reiki energy works and I started writing them. Every day, I started writing about my healings and I realized that I should not do more than 2 healings per day, because when I saw my notes, in my third healing, the experience from the person who receives healing and my own feeling with healing, was not so good in most of them. This is maybe due to not enough time for cleaning energy from the previous healing sessions. When we sleep there is a natural energy cleaning process happens every day and that is why sleeping enough hours or meditating regularly is most important.

When I actually worked upon my own writings, I also realized when I do less than 3 healings per day, my intuition connects me with the client very strongly and I can actually tell the person which diseases they have passed through before today and which chakra should they work upon it. So, these notes actually helped me a lot what to do and what not to do during healing and while healing particular disease and emotional issues.

Reiki Diary

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This is a simple process of noting down. Buy a diary with calendar and note down there, details of your sessions. This can be also done by who are new in Reiki and healing friends and family members. Write down in the following order.

  • The time you chose for the healing session and how long that session lasted
  • Name of the person, age, gender and reason for healing
  • Preparation you did for the healing session
  • Distance healing or in person
  • Number of sessions for this person
  • Feelings of that person during healing (slept, feel lighter, hot or whichever the person describes)
  • What do you feel about this person
  • Which chakra you worked upon if it is 7 chakra healing then write down experience chakra wise
  • Your intuition guided you something about this person’s aura and energy in all 7 chakra
  • What exercises you recommended this person after healing
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Once you start making notes, you become more conscious about how each session should go. Yes, every time you will find different experiences, but your intuition helps you to connect more deeply. This also helps you to find the best time of yours when you are at your best for healing sessions and additionally, what should you prepare before for the sessions in terms of your own energy? This is a very powerful technique to give feedback to self about healing abilities and how to improve it that I think every healer should note down. I hope this helps every healer that helped me a lot to improve my healing sessions.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love and light,

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