5 Body Language Signs That He Secretly Likes You

If you’re trying to work out if a man is harbouring romantic thoughts, you should know the 5 body language signs that are sure to let you know that he secretly likes you!

Men can often be a little shy about telling you what they are thinking, but luckily their body language does the talking for them.

We’ve put together a list of the body language signs you need to look out for if that special guy in your life is a bit too mysterious about his feelings.

1. Smiling

If you’ve ever had to fake a smile for a photo, you know how unnatural it feels to smile when you aren’t happy. Keeping up a smile for longer than a quick “cheese” is very difficult indeed.

But when he is around you, that smile comes naturally.

A constant smile on his face tells you that he is just happy to be around you and is our first body language sign that he is into you.

On its own, it might just signal that you are fun to be around, but if he is into you this sign will be present.

2. Open Posture

An open posture is one where the legs, arms and torso are spread out and displayed in a relaxed manner.

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It makes you feel welcome in his personal space and makes him seem to take up more space in the room.

This is an invitation to intimacy and is a good sign of attraction. He wants you close to him and feels comfortable around you.

3. Sits Close

He also sits or stands close to you. Personal space is something we all have an intimate knowledge of, and many of us protect the area immediately around us as a matter of course.

But when he is with you, his guard is dropped, and he feels comfortable with you in his personal space.

It doesn’t feel like an invasion to him, it feels natural and meant to be.

4. Physical Contact

Similarly, he will engage in light physical contact. Hopefully, he understands what an acceptable level of physical contact for your relationship is, but things like a tap on the shoulder or knee or putting his hand on yours for a moment all suggest attraction.

This is an especially good sign for men who are a bit reserved.

These men often baulk at physical contact unless they are really into you.

5. Feet Pointed At You

It’s not just the feet, but the feet are a good example. When his extremities are pointed at you – his hands, his feet, his legs – it shows that his attention is primarily on you.

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This is a good one to try to spot from afar. Get up and walk away, maybe to get a drink, and take a little glance back to see if you can spot this sign.

If you can, even when you are away from him you still have his attention.

So those are the typical body language signs that you can look out for if you think he secretly likes you.

Practice spotting them in other people first, then see if that special guy you’ve had your eye on shows these signs when he’s around you.

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