11 Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction

It isn’t always easy to tell if a man is attracted to you, but with these 11 powerful signs of male attraction in your tool belt, you will find that working out if he is into you is made a whole lot easier.

Men vary, of course, just as women do. But the masculine energies that most men have in abundance do tend to make men a little more predictable when it comes to love.

However, without a clear idea of what to look for, many women find men to be a bit of an enigma. We’re going to take you through the common, powerful signs that all men show when they are attracted to you.

He Always Smiles When He’s Around You

You can tell a lot about how someone is feeling by the look on their face, and a man who smiles more around you than they do around others is clearly happy to see you.

Of course, he might just be a smiley person – or you might just be hilarious!

But a dead giveaway is when the conversation turns to something that nobody would typically smile about. If he is still smiling even when the topics get heavy, then you are filling him with the kind of joy that men gravitate towards.

 He Is Always Interested In How You Are

 It’s a sad fact that most people in a conversation are not really listening to each other, instead simply waiting for their turn to speak. That’s an unfortunate side effect of being egocentric human beings.

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But when a man is deeply attracted to you, all of his interest is centred around you.

He will ask you how you are doing, ask you about your day and really engage with you when you answer – even if you launch into a rant about a problematic co-worker or an unreliable friend in a way that might turn some people off.

He will ask you questions and want to know the answer. For a moment, your feelings are his number one priority, and he wants to know them inside and out.

He Pays You Compliments

We all know that some men shower women with compliments from the moment they see them – and we often look at those men as a little bit creepy.

But most men are a little shy about complimenting anyone.

Even the shyest of men will put that aside, however, for someone who he is genuinely attracted to.

If he is paying you a compliment and he seems a bit sheepish about it, or it seems out of character for him to do so, then take that as a very powerful sign that he is attracted to you.

He Can’t Help But Check You Out

No straight man can resist the temptation to check out an attractive woman.

A man of quality – a gentleman, you might say – tries to resist doing it. He knows that objectifying a woman is not something he should do. But if he is attracted to you, he will probably check you out every now and again without even meaning to.

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Chances are, it will be when he thinks you’re not looking. If you do catch him having a little look at what you have to offer, you can be sure that he is attracted to you.

But don’t be too hard on him for it! If he is a good man, then he will be embarrassed to have checked you out.

Maybe just let him know that you know with a look, and later on, let him “catch” you checking him out to let him know the attraction is mutual.

He Initiates Physical Contact

A mainstay of body language interpretation is the tendency for physical contact.

This is a universal sign of attraction. If he likes to sit close to you and engages in casual physical contact – like touching your arm or hand briefly during a conversation – then he is feeling a level of physical chemistry with you that men can’t resist.

But be careful if he is “man-handling” you a bit too much, perhaps being a bit too handsy in an overtly sexual way. This indicates pure physical attraction, and he is probably just hoping to get you in the sack.

He Keeps In Contact

A man who is attracted to you in more than just a physical way will let you know by keeping in contact with you on a daily basis.

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Not every hour of the day, of course. Usually, you can expect a man who is interested in dating you to drop you a message or a call once or twice a day – and often for no real reason other than that he was thinking about you and got the urge to speak with you.

A simple message in the evening like “Hey, how was your day?” is a sure indicator that he is very much into you.

He Leaves You A Good Morning Message

Similarly, a message first thing in the morning is an undeniable sign of male attraction.

It means that you were the first person he thought of when he woke up.

Perhaps you even featured in a dream, which is a very common thing when a man is attracted to you. Don’t ask him about that dream though; it’s unlikely he will want to share those particular details.

Subconsciously, he wants to wake up next to you – which is a massive sign of attraction.

 He Can Get A Little Jealous

Not every sign of attraction is so great. It is perfectly natural, if a little annoying sometimes, for a man who is attracted to you to get a little bit jealous when you are with other…

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