5 Essential Oil Blend Recipes For Mamma

You know, some women are crazy about shopping, some collect and spend huge amounts of money on shoes and bags, and I am crazy in a same way but about essential oils. I have a lovely wooden box on my makeup table, which is untouchable for everyone in a house but me. It is filled with essential oils. And then also lots of oils are standing nicely on a glass cookie stand.

I love these oils. And I love to blend them together, both from aromatic and therapeutic points. I even have a separate little box where I store bottles of my personal blends. I usually use for that an empty small 5 ml glass bottle either brand new or recycled from essential oils. In that way I don’t have to check up a recipe and make it each time, and just use a pre-made one.

Of course it’s way easier just to buy a ready blend, and I do buy them too, but the temptation of making my own blend is always winning. Here are the recipes which are for the stock bottle (5 ml bottle). And it doesn’t have to be full. I usually use these blends either for diffuser, or in roller ball bottles, body oils, butters, bath, just as any other blend or single essential oil.

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Adjusted recipe for 10 ml Roller Ball Bottle

Happy Kid Blend 5 ml bottle

  • Roman Chamomile – 16 drops
  • Elemi – 17 drops
  • Palmarosa – 14 drops
  • Tangerine – 25 drops

This specific blend I made for my kids to add into body oil after shower when I saw that they have an allergy towards chlorine water in the pool. Since swimming is a life-saving skill especially in UAE, I don’t really want to stop it, and this blend was really successful for us. Not only it really improved the skin quality, but also I noticed that they tend to fall asleep faster.

Adjusted for 10 ml roller ball bottle

No More Stress Mom’s Blend 5 ml bottle

  • Ylang Ylang – 25 drops
  • Orange – 35 drops
  • Bergamot – 25 drops

O’K, speaking frankly, I love my kids more then anything, but a lot of times they just drive me crazy. This one is for me, I love to add it to my DIY body butter, to roller ball, in a diffuser, everywhere.



Adjusted for 10 ml roller ball bottle

Concentration Blend 5 ml bottle

  • Rosemary -15 drops
  • Coriander – 30 drops
  • Lemon – 45 drops

If you sometimes luck of concentration try the combination of essential oils for concentration or this blend. I personally use it sometimes in a diffuser for my kids to make them spend a quality 30 mins of practicing writing skills, and I use it for myself mostly in a roller ball, I really love the aroma and it does help me from distracting to other things.

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Adjusted for 10 ml roller ball bottle

Grounding Blend 5 ml bottle 

  • Polo Santo – 15 drops
  • Cypress – 30 drops
  • Lemon – 20 drops
  • Frankincense – 23 drops

This blend I made specifically for my yoga routine (which I mostly do at 6 am), I love this really fresh, little bit sweet, grounding and yet refreshing aroma. Honestly it’s a perfect combination for morning practice and great way to clear a head from trillions of thoughts….

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