Angel Healing for Relationships

Relationships go through ups and downs and the down phases are really difficult to deal with. We share different relationships with different people and we try to fix the relations that matter the most or affect us the most.

Here is a simple prayer-based method to heal any kind of relationship, be it between spouses, partners in relationships, parent-child, mother-in-law and daughter-law, friendships, or any conflicting relationship.

We are going to invoke 5 Archangels here-

  • Archangel Michael to remove negativity and shield
  • Archangel Raguel to resolve conflicts
  • Archangel Raphael to heal the relationship
  • Archangel Chamuel to bring in love
  • Archangel Gabriel for clear and respectful interactions
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You have to say this prayer thrice daily. It is up to you if you say thrice at a go or say three times a day. A burning candle is optional but it adds energies to your prayers.

  • Light a pink or white candle.
  • Take a few deep breaths and relax. Release all tension and stress from your mind, body, soul, and aura. Let your body be all loose and relax.
  • Say out this prayer aloud or in mind:

Divine Archangel Michael, please remove all kind of negativities, lower energies, psychic attacks, evil eyes, jealousy, curses, vows, and all blockages from my relationship with _____ (relation and name, e.g. – my husband, XYZ). Please sever all the toxic and stagnant cords which is bringing arguments, clashes, distrust, doubts, or misunderstandings between us. Please shield our relationship with your divine energies, this or better, thank you.

Divine Archangel Raguel, please resolve all the conflicts between me and _____ (relation and name) and fill our heart with love and respect for each other. Please transmute all the anger, complaints and heartache to divine love and harmony. Let there be only harmony, love and respect between us. We both are ready and willing to let go of anger and embrace loving energies between us, this or better, thank you.

Divine Archangel Raphael, please heal my relationship with _____ (relation and name) to bring in love and harmony between us. Heal all the negative emotions between us so that we can share a healthy and loving relationship with each other. Please envelope both of us with your divine healing energies, this or better, thank you.

Angel Healing for Relationships

Divine Archangel Chamuel, please surround me, ______ and our relationship in a pink bubble of loving and harmonious energies. Let only positive and loving energies enter this bubble. Bless us with happy and loving relationship with each other, this or better, thank you.

Divine Archangel Gabriel, please bring clear communication and understanding between me and ____. Let there be no misunderstandings between us that are created by us, others, or circumstances. Let there be polite tone and words when we interact with the other. Please stop us from hurling harsh, hurting and disrespectful words…

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