Are You Ready to Teach Reiki?

Article by Sandra Cooze

When we study Reiki, we may not necessarily feel that we are meant to teach and that is perfectly alright. Being ready to pass on our knowledge of Reiki should be like an urge, a pull or a desire to share what we have learned on our own Reiki journey to enrich the lives of others. It may even feel like a calling. Most of all, it should feel right!

A Reiki Master/Teacher chooses to teach because they are ready. And each Reiki Master/Teacher teaches Reiki a little bit different from others. Reiki is a wonderful and versatile spiritual practice.

The basic teachings of Reiki are pretty much the same no matter where you decide to study. You will learn what Reiki is, its history and how to do the hand positions for yourself and for your clients. But that is not all you learn. Depending on the additional field of study or interest of your chosen Reiki Master, you may learn more about crystals, aromatherapy or even massage and therapeutic touch.

Of course, there are rules if you, for example, study Reiki in a hospital. If you are planning on practicing Reiki professionally, I would highly recommend studying Reiki from a spiritual teacher as well as in a hospital. I chose this path and I am glad I did. Many hospitals all around the world offer Reiki as an alternative treatment option. But they have strict rules on how to use it and what to tell their patients about it. So aside from the basics of Reiki, you will be taught a lot about how it works within the body from a physical aspect. You will also learn about clinical trials and case studies that have been conducted with Reiki and what the results were. You may learn about the connection between acupuncture and Reiki in terms of the meridians and maybe even how crystals can work with energy from a scientific standpoint. What I found most interesting during my Reiki classes was that each of the 7 main chakras is located in close proximity to a major organ or gland and that issues with either a specific organ or gland can be linked directly to an imbalance of the corresponding chakra. Cool, right?

Are You Ready to Teach Reiki?

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I find that knowing Reiki from both a spiritual and medical standpoint is extremely valuable since you will encounter clients from both worlds. Some will come to you with spiritual blockages and others will come to you with physical ailments. I know what you are about to say: Every physical issue has a spiritual root, and you are right. But sometimes the client is not ready to dive into the concept of spirituality and is just happy that you can ease their pain or symptoms with a Reiki treatment. So being able to help them understand how the energy can form a blockage that causes the pain from both a spiritual and physical aspect can be very helpful. On the flipside, it will become much easier to explain to a spiritual client, how their blockages can manifest as physical pain.

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Even though there is a general rule about how to practice Reiki, it is a very versatile…

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