5 First of The Month Rituals For Manifestation Success

5 First of The Month Rituals For Manifestation Success

Every new month brings fresh energy, hope, and optimism for what lies ahead, making the first of the month an excellent time to perform manifestation rituals. But some are better than others for the first of the month. Read on to discover five of the best first of the month rituals for manifestation success!

A tip before you begin…

Before you get started with any of these rituals, you’ll want to make sure you do two things…

First, you want to clear your energy for manifesting.

You need to do this because if your energy is blocked, it will be difficult to receive what you’re trying to manifest. You can clear your energy quickly and easily by taking a shower, getting comfortable, and connecting with your breath – grounding yourself and setting intentions for positivity.

It doesn’t have to take a long time, but basically, you want to try to shake off any bad juju that might bring you down.

Second, you want to make sure you have a strong connection to the Universe.

Because, of course, if you’re going to be asking for something you want to make sure you have a direct line to where you’re making the request.

It only makes sense, does it not?

The fastest and easiest way to do this is to get a free copy of your numerology report!

First of the month rituals for manifestation success!

The reason you’ll be so successful if you do this is that your numerology report will have hidden clues to your greatest potential with manifesting and spirituality.

But not only that – the Universe sees and knows when you’re not only asking – but listening as well.

And the secret truth is that those who actually listen first are handsomely rewarded far more frequently than those who simply beg and beg but never take the time to pay attention!

(Who would you help… someone who always has their hand out but never listens? Or someone who asks here and there but carefully reviews the answers that are already laid out for them?)

It’s a no-brainer.

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1. Blowing Cinnamon For Money

The first law of attraction ritual that’s always great to do on the first of the month is to blow cinnamon for money.

All you need to do is combine coarse sea salt and cinnamon in your dominant hand, placing a couple of teaspoons of each.

Go to the entrance of your home, state your intentions aloud, and blow the cinnamon and coarse salt mixture into the space.

You can say whatever you want, but you can try things like:

“I am now open to receiving more money than ever before”


“I am grateful for the abundance of money that is coming my way.”

This is a great way to start the month off right by opening yourself up to more abundance.

Although the beginning of the month is a fantastic time to do this lovely spell, the goal is always more important than the time.

If the start of the month is missed, do it as soon as you can!

2. Create A Vision Board

A vision board is another great first of the month manifestation ritual because it helps to keep your goals and intentions top of mind.

The process is simple: gather images that represent what you want to manifest in your life, and create a collage on a corkboard …

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