The Reiki Kindness Experiment

Article by Justine Melton

When people are unkind to you sometimes it is hard to be kind back. Often it takes practice at how to see the bigger picture and how to realize that usually their unkindness, in fact, has nothing to do with you. How do you handle this as someone in the Reiki field? What is the best approach?

Over the last few months, I have done a Reiki Kindness Experiment that has shown major results with everyone that participates. I am so happy to be able to share it with all of you here. I feel that it not only teaches a cool way of reacting to people who are unkind but also gives you the added benefit of spreading light and shooting yourself right up the vibrational ladder.

Ok, so what exactly was this Reiki Kindness Experiment? It started with a group of people and I casually discussing how out of nowhere we had been hit with something unkind from someone… usually, from someone we respected and where it generally seems out of place. It has been a crazy summer with planets and energy and the talk circled around how all of us had some strange situations arise with people while we were happily going along with our lives. The situations always came out of nowhere and truly felt like a smack to the face out of nowhere from someone we least expected to lash out. As people in the healing field, it is common to have people let out their anger and fears to us but the extent to which this was happening seemed to be at a Universal high!

The Reiki Kindness Experiment

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As we discussed all of our collective experiences we came up with a plan. For the next few months whenever something came out of nowhere that was unkind and unexpected we would handle it the following way.

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The Reiki Kindness Experiment:

  1. As soon as something unkind happens, make a large Cho Ku Rei or Master Symbol over the event. Thank it for its lesson (even if you are not sure yet what it is) and send it love. Do not take it personally or form any attachment to the unkind event.
  2. Over the next 7 days make an effort each day to spread an extra bit of kindness to those around you. This can include people as well as animals! This can be through an unexpected compliment to a stranger, telling someone how much they mean to you, or surprising someone with something small that you know will uplift their week. The possibilities are really endless here. Be sure to do at least 1 extra kind thing each day. Once you truly decide to do this the Universe will give you several opportunities a day to do this.
  3. Record the unkind event and the kindness that you passed onto others over the 7 day period. Write down what you noticed about yourself, those around you and really anything at all. It might surprise you what realizations you have.

What did our group notice after doing this experiment for a few months? The results were truly amazing. There were plenty of unkind things that happened. This is real life after all. But the amount of positivity that came out of small acts of kindness was…

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