Changing Incorrect Perceptions of Reiki

Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master

When people learn I am a Reiki Master, there is a wide variety of reactions – from positive, to the skeptical, to the negative. This is a topic that is often discussed during Reiki trainings with Reiki students, and I often lead a discussion of how each of us have responded in the past, and what we can say in future situations. Sometimes, Reiki clients share their own perceptions, or misperceptions, they have had, or ones they’ve heard from family members and friends.

Rather than responding in a defensive or offended way, we can view these comments as opportunities to spread the word of Reiki. We can provide basic education on what Reiki is – and is not. We can talk about the tens of thousands of people who use Reiki on a regular basis and the many books and websites that discuss its many benefits. We can refer to research and its use in hospitals and other institutions.

The most effective message, however, is our own personal experience of Reiki. Truly, no one can argue with our own truth! By sharing our Reiki journeys, people learn, firsthand, of its blessings in our lives.

Another effective way to share the gift of Reiki is to offer a free session, or a few minutes, of Reiki treatment to someone who is skeptical, not feeling quite sure about something that simply sounds “woo-woo” to them. If someone complains of an ache or pain, it is another opportunity to teach, and/or to give the gift of Reiki.

Changing Incorrect Perceptions of Reiki

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If you feel shy or uncomfortable with becoming a vocal promoter of Reiki, explore your feelings that are underneath these thoughts. Maybe it feels “pushy” to you, but would you hesitate to tell someone about an exemplary doctor that you just discovered, or a new, fantastic restaurant you’ve just experienced?

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Many years ago, my husband and I were involved in a charitable organization. I remember talking to the main fundraising person after she made a strong plea for financial donations. I complimented her on her inspiring talk and shared it would be uncomfortable to me to ask for money – although we had given much time to the cause. She stated because she felt so passionately about the work of the organization, and its ongoing and needed efforts, it was actually easy for her to give the talk. She challenged me to examine my feelings about this. I soon realized I had some unresolved issues about asking for money, due to my upbringing. I have thought of her words frequently over the years. If I feel passionate about something, I must take the opportunities presented to me to do something, whether it is through words or actions.

Does being a Reiki practitioner require a commitment deeper than giving Reiki? Do we have an obligation to educate and provide information about Reiki? Can we make a difference in Reiki becoming more acceptable to more people? These and many other questions can be considered by each one of us. The guidance of the Divine Source and the Reiki…

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