Dealing with Negative Emotions with Reiki

Article by Charuta Rajadhyaksha

Our entire education and social system have laid down clear definitions of right and wrong. We had always been told how to be good, how to behave in the appropriate manner, what is the right or correct way to think or feel.

Joy, happiness, compassion, kindness, caring, forgiveness etc. these emotions and feelings are held up to high regard whereas anger, jealousy, grief, anxiety, frustration, depression, fear, etc. these ‘Negative feelings and emotions’ are not only defined as wrong but often made taboo in our society.

I have seen people going into guilt when they logically feel they should feel and think right way yet they can’t escape the strong force of these negative/wrong feelings & thoughts.

Suppressing, avoiding, neglecting, ignoring negative emotions and feelings never helps but further complicates the entire situation and wellbeing of the person.

Imagine if you keep ignoring minor body aches and pain which you ideally must not then it would lead to severe health issues or disease. The body tries to communicate with you by giving you signs in form of symptoms, it tells you clearly “hey get up and take necessary action I am in pain.” After several failed attempts body just gives up and you wake up with heartbreaking medical reports in hand! Now you are willing to do anything…any treatment or surgery!

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Similarly, negative emotions, thoughts or feelings bring the message from your inner self that it needs to be heard. It indicates that you have been ignoring the voice of your heart and soul for a very long time. Higher the intensity of negative emotions, greater is the ignorance or suppression of one’s inner self.

Dealing with Negative Emotions with Reiki

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This is how I take the help of Reiki energy
  1. Whenever I feel my heart and mind is occupied by negative emotions and thoughts, I quickly write down what exactly I am feeling. I do not go into right or wrong. I gather courage and put everything on the paper. Writing reduces the intensity of negative emotions and feelings
  2. Then I draw all symbols on the same paper. This helps me to connect with Reiki energy
  3. After drawing symbols I chant them loudly three times. Chanting symbols diverts attention from negative thoughts and further drops the intensity
  4. When I feel connected with Reiki energy I say this prayer
    “Dear Reiki energy and Reiki Master Dr. Mikao Usui and Madam Hawayo Takada I require your urgent intervention. I request you to heal my heart and my entire being. Please reveal messages beneath the surface of these negative feelings and emotions. Show me right path to deal with this situation. Let me be at peace.”
  5. After saying this prayer three times I allow Reiki energy to flow to all chakras for minimum half an hour
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I have been practicing this method for a long time. I do get instant results. It raises my vibrations, stops me from going into a drama of negativity, it brings peace and calm. In addition to this, I keep getting answers and intuitive guidance from…

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