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Weight Loss and the Link to Chinese Medicine, Nutrition and Acupuncture

Ancient Chinese medicine has its origins in the theory that the human body possesses the capability to heal itself. Through modern times, the boundaries of the practice have expanded to incorporate one of our most pervasive health goals—to lose weight.

In pursuing Chinese medicine to lose weight, with a focus on nutrition, patients have evoked debate to determine the best diet method, and researched different practices that promise weight loss results.

Among these practices, acupuncture, herbology, nutrition and dietary therapy have gained new attention for their ability to aid in weight loss while also producing other originally intended natural health benefits, and Chinese herbal medicine degrees have been more prevalent than ever before!

Chinese Medicine and The Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture produces a calm state of consciousness in the patient as the practitioner inserts fine, sterile needles into specific points on the body to bring a person’s flow of energy back into balance. At Chinese medicine schools, students learn how to apply this practice to treat a number of conditions, including pain, physical disorders, addictions—and weight loss.

As a supplement to a nutrition and exercise program, acupuncture can aid in weight loss due to its ability to reduce stress, which decreases the likelihood of overeating or binging on unhealthy foods. Furthermore, acupuncture can pinpoint areas on the body related to metabolic rate, hormonal issues and appetite control, all of which influence our weight.

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Chinese herbal medicine degrees are a great way to learn acupuncture and nutrition expertise related to Chinese medicine.

The Natural Science of Herbology and Maintaining Wellness

A natural health method dating back to ancient cultures, herbal medicine, or herbology, focuses on the use of plants and plant extracts to improve and maintain wellness. Practitioners use herbal remedies to relieve a number of patient conditions, including high cholesterol, depression, memory loss and migraines. What’s more, certain herbs have made their way to the forefront as reliable and natural means for weight loss.

Research into the effects of green tea has shown that this extract promotes fat oxidation—the reduction or burning of fat. Some theorize that switching from coffee to green tea, which also provides a caffeine boost without raising insulin levels, can result in a steady weight loss over the course of a few weeks.

Here are other herbs that can assist in weight loss:

  • Aloe Vera, which improves digestion
  • Bee pollen, which stimulates the metabolism
  • Fennel, which acts as a natural appetite suppressant
  • Licorice, which helps sustain blood sugar levels and therefore reduce sweet cravings

Natural health professionals trained in herbal medicine during the course of their Chinese herbal medicine degree school program can offer the best advice on which herbs to use based on a patient’s individual needs.

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Chinese Medicine Dietary Therapy

Implementing an alternative diet can also help individuals lose weight. Diet therapy views food as a source of healing, and specialized practice offers dietary treatments for illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and allergies, as well as treatments that promote greater resistance to illness. Some therapies involve adding more nutrient-rich foods to a diet, while others eliminate certain foods to help a patient heal.

As a form of Chinese medicine for weight loss, diet therapy recommends eating foods high in certain nutrients, getting regular exercise and making a serious, emotional commitment to losing weight. It is also important to pay attention to your brain’s messages regarding feelings of hunger and fullness.

Don’t let external factors, such as boredom or fatigue, affect healthy eating patterns. By listening to your body’s true needs, you have a greater ability to maintain a healthy weight for the long term.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Degrees

The natural health and Chinese medicine industries offer intriguing ideas regarding ways to enhance a weight loss program, as well as provide methods for alleviating chronic illnesses and diseases that plague individuals every day.

With the current popularity of ancient Chinese medicine and an extensive list of alternative medicine practices to consider, a career in this field promises long-term success and increasing job opportunities as the public continues to embrace natural healing options.

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