Crown Chakra Powers | What Happens When It’s Blocked and How to Heal It

The powers of the crown chakra lead to miracles. This chakra can unlock your supernatural abilities and produce marvels.

Having a  balanced crown chakra means a better sense of internal peace and raised consciousness. It is present at the crown of the head, and its associated colours are violet and white.

Crown Chakra Powers:

The crown chakra rules over the following aspects of life:

  • Connection with the Universe
  • Deep association with all people
  • Governing of the highest consciousness
  • Perception of things and experiences
  • Guidance of all actions from day-to-day routine habits to adopting the new change
  • An insight of creation and reality by affecting the Pineal gland
  • Transformation of ourselves and surroundings

All these crown chakra powers make human beings what they really are. It leads to wisdom and empathy.

A person becomes a super-human by balancing this chakra; they not only provides benefits to themself but society as well.

They can heal himself and others, feel the oneness of all humanity, and empower the world.

Crown Chakra Meaning:

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra in the list of all chakras and connects to the Universe.

Other names for this chakra are Shunnya, Sahasrara, and Niralambapuri. Sahasrara means a thousand petals in Sanskrit – a blooming lotus flower represents this chakra.

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The physical functions of the body associated with this chakra are brain, nervous system, head, skin, eyes, ears, pineal gland, and muscles.

The crown chakra is the energy centre of your body and soul.

Crown Chakra Blockage:

Crown chakra is the gateway to divine wisdom.

Crown chakra blockage leads to many physical and spiritual problems including limited spiritual growth, emotional troubles, and social isolation.

The common symptoms of seventh chakra blockage are:

  • Life without direction
  • Isolation
  • Inability to set life goals
  • Spiritual distress
  • Loneliness

Other than these symptoms, physiological signs are also present that confirm the blockage of crown chakra:

  • Nerve pain
  • Thyroid gland problems
  • Neurological disorders
  • Delusion
  • Schizophrenia
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Pineal gland disorder
  • Migraines
  • Headaches without any apparent reason
  • Disturbed sleep

What Causes Crown Chakra Blockage?

There are four major reasons for crown chakra blockage:

1. Shallow Relationships: All those relations that are not meant to be the part of a life

2. Suppressed Emotions: In order to make everyone happy, people often forget that they have emotions as well

3. Ego: Expression of only worldly desires to gain rewards, without giving any importance to the spiritual needs

4. Fear of Change: Change is necessary to move forward, otherwise life becomes a stagnant pond with all the debris residing within

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Crown Chakra Healing:

With little effort, anyone can open a blocked chakra. The crown chakra healing requires a bit of working on the spiritual level along with altering some daily life routines.

Here’s how you can heal your crown chakra:


Make meditation a must part of your life. Meditate by focusing on the crown chakra lotus present on your head that is benefitting you with its violet light.

Reconnect with yourself:

Don’t let worldly desires drive you mad. Listen to your soul. Hear your inner voice and do what it says. If it asks you to leave an abusive relationship, go for it and move ahead.

Remove the negativity:

Remove all the negative things from your life including rage, hatred, and anger so that you can connect to your higher self without any hindrance.

Spend time with nature:

Nature has a cure for your blocked chakra. Spend time with the things that are not materialistic. Have a walk in the park or go for a vacation in the mountains if you can.

Be kind to others:

Kindness nurtures the soul. Doing kind deeds will help you to heal and give you inner peace and happiness.

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