17 Interesting Psychological Facts about Soulmates

Did you just meet that one person who makes your life very special and you suspect you could have met your Soulmate?

As the vibration of planet Earth is rising, more and more people are meeting their Soulmates – thus, I’ve decided to put together a list of psychological facts about Soulmates, to help you recognize your Soulmate and also to help you understand your Soulmate relationship better.

Meeting your Soulmate is a beautiful yet life-altering experience, and many people don’t know how to behave in a Soulmate relationship, because they could be amazed at how well things are going or puzzled to see how different a Soulmate relationship is from other relationships.

If you think that you’ve met your Soulmate or you have a strong interest in the topic, I invite you to read the following 17 psychological facts about Soulmates, as you will definitely understand the topic a lot better than before.

17 Psychological Facts About Soulmates

1. Soulmates can make you addicted

When you actually meet your Soulmate, your brain will take place chemical reactions that are similar to addiction.

These are the chemical reactions that take place when someone is in love – such as the release of huge dopamine quantities.

When you actually meet your Soulmate, these reactions will be even stronger.

Your Soulmate can literally make you feel addicted to them due to the feelings of deep love and connection that you will experience when you are close to them, and the chemical reactions that take place in your brain that are identical to the reactions of an addiction.

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Thus, if you suspect someone could be your Soulmate, check how you feel around them as well as when you’re not with them.

Do you miss them more than normal? Do you feel addicted to them even if you barely met them?

If the answer is yes, the chances to have met your Soulmate are very high.

2. You cannot judge your Soulmate

The same chemical reactions that are responsible for being in love and for feeling addicted to your lover, will make you unable to judge them.

That is because when you’re truly in love with someone, you tend to idealize them, which means that you will see them through the “pink lenses” of love.

And let me tell you, the pink lenses of love make everyone seem perfect.

When you’ve truly met your Soulmate, you will find it natural to accept them as they are – with good and bad, because to you, they will seem perfect just the way they are.

3. Having a Soulmate friend is more common than a romantic Soulmate

The psychological facts about soulmates

When most people think about Soulmates, they assume that the connection has to be a romantic one.

However, that is not always the case.

Soulmates are people who share the same soul as us – they come from the same soul family, and they come into our lives to help us learn our spiritual lessons and evolve as we should.

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This means that some Soulmates will show in our lives as best friends, parents, or even teachers.

This is because we have a different type of Soul Contract with them, through which they have promised to help us grow and evolve in different ways – not through romantic relationships.

4. More than 70% of the Americans believe in Soulmates

I was a bit surprised when I found out that such a big percentage of people believe in Soulmates.

A study on Soulmates conducted by Behavioral expert and Psychology author Vanessa Van Edwards – the researcher who first talked about the “Science of Soulmates” –  has shown that 73% of Americans actually believe in Soulmates.

This study has examined the belief in Soulmates – or relationships that are “Destined”, as opposed to the growth mindset in relationships.

The belief in Soulmates or relationships that are “destined” is believed to increase complacency in relationships, as well as the break-up rate, because when people feel that is a person who is meant to be with them no matter what, they are not motivated to better themselves through the relationship.

Also, people who believe in Soulmates can sometimes leave a relationship when the first problem occurs, because they think their Soulmate could never hurt them, and anyone who upsets them is definitely not their Soulmate.

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Also, they don’t want to waste their time with someone who is not their Soulmate.

In contrast, people with a growth mindset are the people who think love is something that you have to build and they understand that you have to put work into a relationship, and that small problems are quite normal.

They are more likely to choose to stay and make the relationship work, rather than to break up very soon.

From this point of view, it could be better to have a growth mindset rather than a  “Soulmate” mindset in relationships.

However, you can choose to have both – to believe…


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