Cho Ku Rei: Get to Know It, Practice Using It

Also called ‘The Power Symbol’, Cho Ku Rei is one of the first symbols taught in Reiki and is used to finely tune and amplify the Reiki energy. It translates (roughly) to “Placing all the powers of the universe here”.

It looks a little like an antenna and coil – the antenna to pick up on the vibrational frequency of the Reiki energy, and the coil to focus, enhance and ‘power-up’ the energetic flow to where it is needed most.

Getting to Know Cho Ku Rei

Spending time with this symbol in meditation is one of the best ways to raise and power-up your own personal energy and help you become a more proficient Reiki healer. Learning how to draw this symbol from memory is the first step.

Saying the name of the symbol while drawing it enhances and focuses the energies so practice saying and chanting the symbol name while you focus on it.

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Practice Using Cho Ku Rei

Drawing Cho Ku Rei on your palms is usually taught to Reiki practitioners to tune in before giving a healing session. You can also draw the symbol in your imagination and visualise it powering-up anything you wish to give Reiki to.

Use this meditation exercise below to immerse yourself in Cho Ku Rei and power-up your palms and chakras with focused Reiki energy. This is a great way to start or restart your Reiki practice and suitable for all abilities and levels.


Meditation Transcript:

Take a moment to settle. This is a light meditation practice requiring some visualisation of the Cho Ku Rei symbol, so if it’s not committed to memory, keep the symbol close-by so you can regularly look at it.

Spend a few moments taking some deep breaths and close your eyes.

I invite you to visualise Cho Ku Rei in your mind’s eye and practice drawing it.

Start at the top left, draw a horizontal line across to the right, now draw a line straight down.

Now comes the fun part — going right, start drawing a decreasing circle until you have looped three times, each loop getting smaller and smaller.

Now your symbol is complete, say its name — Cho Ku Rei.

Let’s do that again. Starting top left, draw across, then down and heading right, make three decreasing spiral shapes.

Cho Ku Rei

One more time. top left to right, straight down, then spiral to the right. one, two, three.

Cho Ku Rei

Give your Cho Ku Rei a color — it can be green, blue, gold or silver, whatever you prefer. Try to keep your focus on your symbol in your mind’s eye while we muse over this symbol’s meaning.

Perhaps the symbol has already given you some ideas.

Consider that this symbol is a concentrator of Reiki energy.

Consider it as a dial on a radio that tunes you directly into the best possible and most powerful Reiki energy.

Focus on your symbol and imagine that spiral as a coil, or magnet attracting…

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