Clearing, Healing, and Balancing the Hand Chakras

The hands of a healer…
For almost 30 years I have worked with my hands as an assistant typing up and preparing all kinds of corporate and legal documents. It wasn’t until I became a Reiki practitioner that I realized the power contained in my hands to heal myself and others. As I write this article, I am using the healing abilities of my hands to transmit to you the potential power in each of us to heal ourselves with the use of our hands.

Hands are a key tool for transmitting and clearing out a person’s life force energy during a Reiki session. Life force energy is that energy created by our body’s cells that extends outward from our bodies into each of our auric fields. A Reiki practitioner is able to manipulate the life force energy with the use of their hands during Byosen scanning in order to clear out stagnant life force energy and replace it with fresh and clear life force energy. He or she is also able to balance the energy centers of the body with the hands by holding space for each chakra and applying Reiki symbols to empower and bring balance to each chakra. This is because the palms of the hands are the focal point for the hand meridians.

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From clearing out stagnant life force energy in our bodies to clearing out the stagnant energy in a particular room, the Reiki practitioner’s hands act as the conduit for such transfer of energies. The hands have their own chakras, which I personally like to clear and balance for each of my clients. The reason I add this extra clearing and balancing to my practice is because our world is full of technology and people from all walks of life use technology every day. How is technology used? With our hands, of course! Our hands absorb enormous amounts of energy from the use of technology by driving our cars, carrying and using our mobile phones and other electronic devices, for example. We use our hands to caress our loved ones and our pets, and each caress carries a transfer of energy from one person or object to another.

Clearing, Healing, and Balancing the Hand Chakras

So how can we care for these invaluable parts of our bodies?

Here are a few ways to keep the energetic health of your hands clear and vibrant:

While there are many ways to clear hand chakra energy like playing an instrument, clapping, or simply dipping the hands into a natural source of water, I like to use warmth as a key way to activate and cleanse the hand chakras of my clients and myself.

  • First, let’s get some awareness going. A simple exercise to bring awareness to the hand chakras that anyone can do is to become aware of the hand chakra energy by focusing your attention at the space between the hands when holding them a few inches apart. Imagine a blue or white ball of light between them and slowly move your hands outwards away from each other and then closer together without touching the fingertips. Do this several times until you begin to feel the pull of energy between the hands. At this point, you will begin to feel a slight increase in the warmth of the…
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