Consistency At Its Best Is Habit Forming

Achieving a level of consistency is success in itself and when applied diligently can lead those who make it an integral part of their practice to greater levels of success. Regardless of ability a half hearted hit and miss approach will be reflected in the outcome and always produce poor results, and a lazy can’t be bothered attitude will create nothing more than a lame excuse that only ever works for the person making it.

In many ways consistency has nothing to do with a person’s ability or the skill they wish to develop, it’s more a state of mind and how we perceive ourselves in relation to the new discipline we want to make a part of our life. When a new theory or principle is established and proven to work all that’s required from that point on is practice to gain the results we desire, and the greater the desire the greater the determination to practice in order to achieve success.

Contrary to popular belief change is instantaneous; procrastination, over thinking, on the other hand, take all the time in the world and leave you with nothing to show for it. Change happens the moment you choose to take corrective action, but development is a step by step process requiring you to put one foot in front of the other. In doing so you learn a little more as a result and the experience gained moves you ever closer to your goal.

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Consistency At Its Best Is Habit Forming

We watch stars of stage and screen and allow ourselves to be distracted by their polished performance and fail to recognise it was created by days and weeks spent in cold and unglamorous rehearsal rooms, where mistakes and uncertainties are identified and encouraged to emerge, to be honed and polished to perfection. We praise and admire those with skills and abilities we aspire to, we want to do what they can do without necessarily wanting to pay the price they paid to achieve their level of expertise. Often it takes many years of practice and rehearsal to achieve the status and recognition as an “overnight success”. Those who look for the shortcut to celebrity status often learn the hard way a superficial image and false persona are no substitute for a genuine personality, talent and a commitment to hard work.

Consistency and practice are never a waste of time; practice by definition means we are not the finished article; the desired result has yet to be achieved or at least a level of expertise to be maintained, for personal development is a continuing process of trial, error adjustment and progress. For success to be anything other than a happy accident it must be maintained by a consistent personal commitment to do what it takes to get the job done.

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Successful people learn to be comfortable with the discomfort of continually stepping outside of their comfort zone. They are the few who are committed to consistently doing what the majority of people won’t do because ease is the greatest threat to their personal development and growth.

They choose to do today what others won’t so when tomorrow comes…

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