Distant Reiki Guidance and Insights During the Pandemic

Like many Reiki practitioners, I was guided to shift my professional Reiki practice entirely to distance sessions when the pandemic began sweeping across the globe in early 2020. Although my practice had always offered both in-person as well as distant services, Reiki’s guidance made it clear that the shift to remote healing was necessary for me during this time of cataclysmic change. This is especially true since I live with a chronic illness that could make me more susceptible to the virus. Additionally, Reiki indicated that providing distant healing services would expand the reach of Reiki’s energy at a time when the need for healing has never been greater.

Fortunately, I had years of experience conducting distant Reiki, and over the years, had been guided to develop a distant healing method that has worked well for my clients and me. As a proponent of distant Reiki and its unfailing ability to provide healing regardless of time or space, I often say, “There is no distance in distant Reiki.” And, as with all things Reiki, I continue to be awed and humbled by its ability to adapt and transcend any earthly situation or circumstance, regardless of magnitude.

As a result, I have been conducting Reiki sessions exclusively via distance for almost seven months as of this writing. Shortly after beginning these “pandemic sessions,” I started to notice differences in them as compared to those I conducted pre-pandemic. For one thing, the sessions were lasting much longer, sometimes up to twice as long! Additionally, I noted that my practice attracted clients, new to Reiki, who described experiencing an unexplainable compulsion to schedule a treatment. But, perhaps the most striking difference for me occurred with the guidance and direction I receive from Reiki during a session.

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To provide context, in previous articles, I have discussed how Reiki directs each of my sessions and provides clear instructions as to techniques, hand positions, and even when the treatment is complete. Reiki also delivered specific insights about each client and their healing needs. This was exceedingly helpful for clients, giving them precisely what they need, and allowing me to relax as I focus on channeling the energy. Unsurprisingly, I had become accustomed over the years to receiving this specifically tailored information about each individual. After all, that had always been the case – until the pandemic. Now, what I have noted with startling frequency is that the guidance and insights received from Reiki during these sessions are almost identical and consistent for all clients. Client-specific information occurs significantly less often than it did pre-pandemic.

This turn of events was curious, as well as puzzling, and in a series of meditations, I questioned Reiki about its significance. Reiki and Spirit helped me to understand that, at this…

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