Sacral Chakra: Healing Childhood Trauma – Part Two

If the idea of spontaneous joy and unstructured play is triggering with the thought “that’s a waste of time”, let’s dig a little deeper into why that response is rising up.

Childhood wounding happens to us all. We all have a part of our childhood where we did not receive the love, comfort, and protection that we desired or needed. When this original incident occurred, so did a wounding of the soul. Forced emotional suppression as a child or shaming from caretakers can form an emotional split in the psyche as well as create a block of energy flow through this energy wheel. Remember, Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel. You can imagine this spiritual body of wheels connected much like gears that influence each other’s ability to move freely.

When trauma occurs during childhood, it directly affects our subconscious self throughout our lives if unhealed. It becomes part of our identity and impacts our internal belief systems that affect how we create our current realities. These show up in self-sabotaging behaviors, limiting belief stories such as “I’m not good enough to do…”, and unhealthy stuck patterns in our lives.

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Sacral Chakra: Healing Childhood Trauma – Part Two

Healing the Inner Child

Part of healing the Sacral chakra includes healing our inner child. You can heal the hurt and find your purpose in life from childhood memories. If you are ready for true understanding and desire healing, proceed:

  • Step One: List 5 of the earliest memories you have of not being loved, cared for, supported, or hurt in any way, physically or emotionally. Try to remember what age you were when this occurred and write that down too. The earliest memory is typically our original wounding where beliefs about ourselves were formed.
  • Step Two: Do a Reiki Scan throughout your body. Where do these memories lie in your body? Note if you have chronic pain or disease in these areas. Ask for the Reiki to heal the wounds gently and completely. Envision any of your Reiki helpers to assist you.
  • Step Three: Journal how these memories affected your beliefs about your world. For example, if you have a fundamental belief that there is “not enough time” to accomplish the things you desire and you use this phrase as an excuse, think about the person from your childhood, your original wounding, that contributed to this belief. “My mother didn’t have time to play with me. She was always cleaning the house”. Notice now how the original wounding, belief, and your behaviors are linked. Reiki your journal entry with HSZSN, SHK, and CKR asking for healing of the original wounding and so that you can view your past with new eyes.
  • Step Four: In a meditative state, offering yourself distance Reiki, go back to the time period of your original wounding as your adult self visiting. Visit with your child self in a safe place, such as a beach or park. Something not triggering, where you can freely interact with your…
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