Ask RMT – Tips To Expand My Distant Reiki Practice

Nobody is untouchable or untouched by this pandemic, but we all have a choice on how we respond and use it as an opportunity to change people’s mindsets when it comes to distant healing work. And since “distant healing is probably one of the most undervalued ways of providing healing and treatment sessions”, it can be challenging so a little bit of inspiration is always welcome!

Below you’ll find some insightful tips and tricks on how to successfully market your distant Reiki:

Question from Diana Balgaard –

“I have tried so many things to market my distant Reiki and people are not interested. The shutdown from the virus has not helped either. I would like to receive some tips to expand my practice.”

Answer from Deborah Dalziel,

Reiki is about connecting and experiencing, being, not doing. Sometimes our funny busy mind thinks we need to ‘do’ to have clients come to us and book our services. But it is the opposite that brings them to you.

Keep practicing your Reiki meditations and any other things in life that bring you joy, bring you peace and help you tap into your own self-love. As you keep practicing Reiki for self, this natural self-love will energetically call people to you. And people will want to tap into this.

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So much of Reiki with clients is actually about ourselves, and looking after ourselves. Diana, your offering is greatest when you are happy, calm, and not seeking clients.

So this can be hard yes? – Use the precepts, meditate on the precepts and let their wisdom filter into your day. Say them out loud, write them, draw a picture of what they mean to you. Breathe them in and then rest your hands on your hara and centre and relax.

When you feel happy and you are not ‘craving’ clients, then the clients will come. When you feel joyful, share your joy on social media (if you use it). People will see the joy. Maybe every now and again you can then remind people you offer distance healing. Perhaps write a blog post for your website of what distance healing means to you and a testimonial or two from clients and share this on your website and in a newsletter (remember to only do this when you are full of joy, no craving or expectation that you will get a client)

Sit at the end of your morning/afternoon/evening meditation session (whichever is your usual) and offer a distance healing to anyone who wants one. Just offer the universal energy and let that offering fill your being. Unconditional offering. When you do this you are reminding clients energetically that you offer treatments. But it must be unconditional, and mind conditions, like “I hope they come” I hope they book” will have them running away!

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So keep filling up your own inner pot of joy and I promise, the clients will want some too!

Ask RMT - Tips To Expand My Distant Reiki Practice

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Answer from Thea van der Merwe,

Distant healing is probably one of the most undervalued ways of providing healing and treatment sessions. Mostly, I…

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