Moving and Downsizing with Reiki

Article by Rev. Dr. Tracy Cox, DD

As human beings, our lives are constantly changing and sometimes those transitions can be very difficult. In the case of moving and downsizing, quite often we have had a hard look at our situation and realized that it requires us to take action. Perhaps our children are grown and have moved out to pursue their dreams. Maybe our spouse has passed away, and we no longer need a large home. In the case of retirement, quite often people will sell their homes and move into a small rental unit so that they can live on the investment interest.

Whatever the reason for moving and downsizing, Reiki can make the adjustment so much more easy and enjoyable, if you remember to use it during this stressful time. As we work with the beautiful Reiki energy, the difficulty of moving and downsizing becomes enjoyable, and eventually, the spiritual journey will be looked back upon as something that was wise, necessary, and yes, even fun!

Here are a few tips to help you in this exciting new phase of life.

  1. Make sure to do your daily Self Reiki.
    So many Reiki practitioners forget to do this very basic foundation of Reiki, and the rewards are too many to list. Daily Self Reiki will heal and balance your energy so that you have the ability to do the physical work needed to move and downsize. It will also give you a much more calm and balanced perspective, so that you can accept and embrace the life changes that are happening. As I teach all of my students, Reiki lets you see your life with the eyes of an eagle, which means that you can see the big picture of your life from above. From this perspective, your decisions will be much more balanced because you are seeing the how the pieces fit together. With daily Self Reiki, you are able to make good decisions to enhance your happiness.
    Moving and Downsizing with Reiki

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  2. Get a floor plan of your new home.
    Perhaps you are moving into a smaller apartment, condo or retirement home and you need to get rid of a lot of your items that you have accumulated over the years. For some people, this can be very difficult, as they have sentimental attachments to these items. This needs to be overcome, as certain items will need to be let go of. Take the floor plan of your new home and draw the Reiki symbols on the floor plan. At the same time, see the beautiful Reiki energy in your mind’s eye flooding and healing this new location with its Universal Life Force. Keep this floor plan where you can see it and each time you look at it, send the Reiki symbols to it. Over time you will see that your attachment to these items will evolve and you will easily and effortlessly let them go and downsize into your best life in your new home.
  3. If you have problems letting go of an item, it may be that you should keep it and work it into your new space.
    A very easy way to decide this is to use green non-marking painter’s tape. Write the Reiki symbols on a piece of this tape and affix it to the item in question. Every time that you…
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