Green Chakra Meaning And Its Significance

The green chakra colour is the fourth primary chakra, commonly known as the Heart chakra.

This energy centre is one of the seven primary chakras of the subtle body, which we all have as metaphysical beings. It links the three lower chakras with the three higher chakras.

When the Heart chakra is particularly active, its energy field extends with more strength into the aura. This green glow around the Heart chakra can tell us a lot about the state of that chakra system.

Green Glow Around Chakra

The glow that accompanies an activated Heart chakra is most often green, though the exact shade of green varies.Green Chakra Meaning

It most often appears as a thin line of green light, like a backlight around the torso. This line is usually only a centimetre thick at most, but to a trained aura seer the whole aura will be visible, and the green glow might extend up to six feet away from the body.

The bigger the radius and the stronger the green, the more energy is coursing through the Heart chakra.

So when we see this green chakra glow, we can find our meaning in the purposes of the Heart chakra.

When Does Green Chakra Colour Appear?

The Heart chakra is most active when:

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You express love or feel loved. The Heart chakra is closely tied with love and family bonds. You bring the metaphysical and the physical together.

The Heart chakra serves as a sort of channel between the closer, earthly chakras and the universal cosmic chakras. Casting aside the ego. The ego serves as an obstacle to unity and oneness, casting it aside releases a lot of energy through the Heart chakra.

You experience unity, oneness and/or unconditional love. These specific experiences are vital to the activation of the Heart chakra, and not integrating these ideas will limit spiritual growth.

Seeing something beautiful. It might be seeing a sunset, or it might be seeing that special someone who opens your heart – either way, the appreciation isn’t of the beauty itself, but of the ability for that beauty to exist in our universe.

Establishing deep connections with others. Any link can bring energy through the Heart chakra, but the deeper and more meaningful the better.

And that last one is important because the Heart chakra has one extraordinary role.

Can Green Chakra Energy In Aura Signal Twin Flames?

One particular type of relationship utilises the Heart chakra more than any other – the Twin Flame relationship.

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These are soulmate-type relationships that are built on true destiny. Fated, twin souls intended for each other from the moment of their creation.

The energy involved in the twin flame connection is massive and routed straight through the Heart chakra.

In fact, on the astral plane, twin flames are physically connected by a beam of energy between their heart chakras.

Numerous aura seers have noted that a significant number of people who have Heart chakra green in their aura go on to meet their twin flame quite soon afterwards.

So if you are wondering what the meaning of the green chakra colour is, it might be a sign of a few things.

It might be love, feelings of oneness, acts of kindness. Or it might be that you are about to experience the most authentic love our souls will ever experience.

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