Twin Flame Runner Depression – How To Stop The Down

Twin flame runner depression is one of the main symptoms of separation, and you can see it as a symptom of soul shock.

It might seem a bit rich that the person who is running from the relationship is the one feeling down about it.

Know that separation in this relationship is neither partner’s fault.

Depression Affects Twin Flame Runner & Chaser

The symptoms of separation in the twin flame relationship are roughly the same for both partners, but they tend to have different reactions.

For instance, while both will experience depression, they do so in different ways.

The chaser will often have the urge to blame, falling quickly into anger and self-pity.

The runner will instead be primarily confused about their feelings and will try to deny them instead.

It can be difficult for the chaser to sympathize with their partner here, but sympathy is warranted.

What Causes Twin Flame Runner Depression?

Soul shock is like heartbreak on steroids, but it happens on a pure energy level.

The upheaval during separation from your twin upsets your energy flow, leading to many spiritual problems.

Depression is probably the most common symptom of soul shock, alongside anxiety and insomnia.

The down you feel is because depression is a symptom of a blockage of the subtle body chakras.

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With your energetic twin gone suddenly from your life, the energy flow through you is weakened and can bunch up inside your energy centers.

Left undetected or treated it leads to blockages, which leads to symptoms like depression.

Add all of this to the fact that you are going through a break up with someone you care about, and suddenly you have a perfect storm of sadness.

How To Fix Twin Flame Runner Depression

If you are the runner in your relationship, there are ways for you to get over your depression.

The reason that you are running from this relationship is that you are not quite ready for it – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or any combination thereof.

Identifying the core of the problem should be the first thing you do.

Then, you need to take control of your life and your relationship by solving the problems that keep you apart.

Read some more about the journey you are on.

Many runners are scared off by the intensity of it, but understanding the benefits (and the mission) usually puts those fears to bed.

Unfortunately, you are probably the chaser – runners tend to run from their problems, not read about them.

For you, all you can do is prepare.

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Send your runner love and support via your telepathic connection, visualize progress for them, ask your guides to watch over them – all of these things can help to speed up the process by supporting your twin.

But at the end of the day, they have to fix themselves before they are ready for you.

Only by awakening to the spiritual side of life will they be able to do that.

And they will be able to eventually – in this life, or the next.

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