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So, you want to manifest your desires, but you just can’t seem to get that ball rolling.

You might not know what to focus on or how to really manifest specific things in your life.

Manifestation can get confusing, especially when people talk about crystals, smudging, and scripting.

However, things don’t have to be that complicated.

Today I want to share a super easy manifestation technique with you – the pillow manifestation method.

It’s beginner-friendly and won’t overwhelm you.

How to use the pillow manifestation method

1. Gather your materials

To start the pillow manifestation method, you’re going to need a few things.

You’ll need:

  • A pillow
  • Some paper or a sticky note
  • A pen

These are the essentials you’ll need to get started, and they’ll make much more sense later on in the article.

2. Think about what you want to manifest

Before you start manifesting, you need to know exactly what you want to attract.

Take some time to sit in the quiet and reflect on what it is that you want.

Do you want more money?

Do you want to attract a new job?

Or do you want to attract your soulmate?

Being clear and adding detail is important because it helps you envision it, which will make the manifestation come to life.

When you’re clear, the universe knows exactly what you want, and it will make sure that it comes to you.

The more specific and clear you are about what you want, the better.

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3. Write your desire on a piece of paper

So now you know what you want, the next step is to write it down.

Take the piece of paper and write down your desire.

Break it down into all of the different areas that you want to see improvement in.

Do you want more money? If so, how much?

Do you want a new car? Is there a specific model that you have in mind?

Do you want your dream job? What is your dream job?

Being as clear and concise as possible is very important because it will give you the results that you’re looking for.

4. Place the paper under your pillow

Once you’ve written your desire on the paper, you can fold it up and place it under your pillow.

This is a key step for making the pillow manifestation method work, so make sure you do it.

Placing the paper under your pillow allows you to connect with the universe and helps your dreams come true.

The paper serves as a bridge that allows you to bring your dreams into reality.

5. Say your desire out loud

Before you go to sleep each night, make sure that you say your desire out loud.

Let the desire be the last thing you think about at night.

Saying your desire out loud creates a deeper connection with the universe and allows your subconscious to do the work for you.

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Your subconscious is much more powerful than your conscious mind, which will help the manifestation come to life.

6. Visualise your desire coming true

When you’re lying in bed and about to fall asleep, take some time to visualize your desire coming true.

If it’s more money that you’re looking for, see yourself holding a wad of cash.

Be as detailed as possible because this will help the universe to manifest your desire.

See yourself achieving your desire.

What would it feel like if you had already achieved your desire?

Feel the abundance that would come with it.

Picture yourself in this situation and just focus on this for a few minutes before you fall asleep.

This is key for helping the manifestation come to life because it allows you to connect emotionally with the manifestation.

The more real that it feels, the better.

7. Believe that it will come true

The most important part of the pillow manifestation method is always to believe that your desire will come true.

If you don’t, then it won’t.

Believe from the bottom of your heart that it will come true, and you need to have faith in this.

You need to believe that the universe will deliver on your desire and see it as already done.

Dont give up the belief, and you will see your dreams come true.

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How long does it take for the pillow manifestation to work?

There is no specific amount of time required for your manifestation to come true.

Some people have their manifestations come true within a few days of doing the pillow manifestation.

While for others, it can take up to a few months.

Each manifestation is unique and will take a different amount of time to come true.

If you truly believe in your desire, then it will come true – so never give up hope.

How long should you keep your desire under your pillow?

You should keep your desire under your pillow until the manifestation has come true.

If the paper gets destroyed, you can always rewrite it and place it back under your pillow.

Final thoughts

The pillow manifestation method is a great way to attract the things that you want into your life.

Make sure that you’re clear, concise, and detailed about your desire and follow the steps.

You can attract anything by using this method, so make sure that you do it every night before you go to sleep.

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