Hand Softening Cream

All right, I have been experimenting again. And this time it was about my hands. I really need to soften and moisturize my skin. Even though I have a dishwasher, but still taking kids to toilet, washing after dogs, doing other stuff around the house, even simply removing the dust from furniture damages the skin on my hands.

And here is the thing, I am addicted to DIYing, I have this need of making my own cream. Not only I feel like home made creams are richer in their consistency, but also they tend to nourish my skin a little bit more. Plus all things are natural!

So here we go… I made a softening hand cream. And here is how I did.

the basics of what you need are here, feel free to use alternatives and extra pans or measuring cups

You will need :

  • 10 ml almond oil
  • 10 ml wheatgerm oil
  • 5 ml calendula oil
  • 6 g beeswax (if you can find an emulsifying wax it is better, if you don’t have it continue with beeswax)
  • 50 ml rose water (hydrosols are perfect, but floral water is also good option, if you don’t have any use distilled water)
  • 5 ml vegetable glycerine
  • 10 drops of copaiba essential oil
  • 15 drops of lavender essential oil (* if you want to use other essential oils which can be phototoxic make sure to consider safety measures)
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Equipment you will need:

  • 2 double boilers
  • sauce pan (for double boiler for oils and wax)
  • measuring cup (for heating up the rose water and blending)
  • some containers for measuring the weight of ingredients and one for the finished product
  • food scale
  • silicon spatula, stirring rode
  • hand mixer
3 simple steps to make the cream, #1 are two double boilers I use for heating the rose water and for melting the wax and oils| then keep on blending


  • Once the water in a pan boiled place in another container for double boiler, add first beeswax. When beeswax melts add carrier oils. Beeswax may solidify a little due to the temperature contrast, turn off the heat and wait till all melted again. At the same time place a measuring glass (with rose water in it) into another pan with boiling water to heat up the rose water
  • Once all is melted and the rose water is warmed (don’t let it become too hot though), take it out (use towel for not to burn yourself and to wipe out the water from the bottom of the measuring glass)
  • Take your hand mixer and start blending in the water first and slowly start adding in the oils. Blend for about 5-10 minutes, until it starts getting thicker, then add glycerin, keep blending for another 5-10 minutes. It should be able to mix with water till it becomes one single consistency
  • After all is mixed and creamy, add essential oils to the cream, and keep blending until all is nicely mixed
  • Place your cream into the glass container and Voila! You have made your hand cream

Important: This recipe contains water, which means ideally you need to add preservative to it for longer storage (all creams and lotions, even 100% natural and organic, that are sold in a store have some preservatives…

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