What is the Best Way to Manifest What You Want?

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The best way to manifest what you want is to open your heart energy and ask for what you want.

What do you want?

Ask for it.

Be specific.

By providing the knowledge of what you want, the vibrational energy of what you are requesting, you are increasing your chances of succeeding in manifesting what you want.

If what you have asked for has not manifested, it may be that you have made too many requests. You may also have too many questions about what you have manifested. You may keep changing your mind about what you want or you keep questioning whether what you want will come or not.

When you are not clear on what you want, when you keep changing your mind, it is difficult for the Universe to ascertain exactly what you, the questioner, really is requesting.

Be specific in your desire but unattached to the outcome. Be attached to the connection to your desire but move away from it.

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Do not question if you have asked for the right thing to manifest. Do not question why what you have asked for has not manifested. In other words, do not constantly bang on the door to get the answer.

Think of what you want and it is yours.

Remember that energy can manifest itself as a black cow with white spots and therefore, if you want a black cow with white spots, energy can bring that black cow with white spots to you at any time.

If you want a pile of money, all you need do is think of a pile of money and you have that money.

Any image that you can think of you can have.

You must be at one with the image and know that it is you and you are it with no distance in between…that being a part of you, it is yours. The image is of you and can be yours at all times.

Allow it to come to you. All things are possible as all things are energy and can be produced instantaneously if so desired.

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