What is Keeping You From Manifesting Your Dreams

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The only thing keeping you from manifesting your dreams is resistance.

Resistance is the road block, the brick wall, if you will.

It is the “I can’t,” the “I’m not worthy,” the “I’m not good enough,” the “I shouldn’t,” the “I don’t have.”

It is any “no” that passes through your mind.

Since your thoughts create your reality, any time you have resistance, you are directing negative thoughts towards the very thing that you desire. Thus, keeping you from manifesting your dreams.

How to Overcome Resistance

The key to overcoming resistance is acceptance. Acceptance is the opposite of resistance. When you completely accept into your life what you want to manifest, you don’t care about whether or not you have it. You release all resistance and all attempts to control the outcome. It is only then that you truly allow yourself to manifest your dream.

Remember that to oppose something is to maintain it. So long as you fight against things, whether it is people, life, or emotions, they will persist. It’s like all you see is the “problem.” You think you have to fight it to produce change. However, when you choose to accept things as they are, the “problems” disappear.

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Moving from Resistance to Acceptance

One way to move from resistance to acceptance is to trust that everything will be okay no matter what. In all things, it isn’t the outcome that matters – it’s that you’re okay. That’s what you’re really seeking.

When you’re worried about something you fear happening, you’re concerned about whether you will be okay.

When you’re thinking about having something that you want, you want it because it’s something that you think will make you okay…in one way or another you’ll be better off because of it.

When you accept that you are okay right now, that everything is as it should be, and that you will always be “okay,” then you move from resistance to acceptance. It doesn’t matter whether you get “X” or “Y” because you’re already okay – you don’t need something to make you okay; you already are.

The more you think that something is wrong, that something has to change, that you need something…the less you accept that everything is okay and the more you focus on how things will happen.

Ask for what you want and then don’t focus on how it will come to you.

Imagine yourself already having it and then let go.

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Release it.

Stop worrying about it.

It’s not your problem anymore. It’s the Universe’s.

The Universe will always take care of you.

You just have to let it.

The more acceptance you have, the faster you will manifest your dreams and desires.

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